How AutoFlipz revolutionized the Automobile Industry with Modern Technology?

AutoFlipz is a technology-enabled O2O business that aims to be anything for everyone related to car aftersales. Our expert technicians go through a strict screening process so that you get a satisfying experience from our services.

Why AutoFlipz is Asia’s No.1 Technology enabled Car Service?

Today’s current scenario is, “whatever we want, we use technology and technology answers” like-

  • We are in the mood to eat any cuisine we use Zomato and, food gets delivered 
  • If we wish to get our hands on some outfits, of a particular brand we book it via Amazon
  • We want to make dinner reservations we use Dineout
  • If we need to make a payment. We simply use Paytm.

And what if we want our car trouble to disappear just by sitting at home?

Should we rely upon the towing system or try dragging from here to there?

Steps for Booking | Modern technology by AutoFlipz

No, we don’t have to as AutoFlipz uses technology by solving some real-life problems of each car owner. AutoFlipz brings ease to the lives of people by presenting them with a one-stop solution so that they don’t have to run around worrying about their cars and that is the “AutoFlipz App”. Right car care is just a click away. You can book a car service through the AutoFlipz app in the following 4 easy steps- 

I- Select your car brand and model. Choose the service you want to book.

II- Choose your nearby workshop

III- Provide the information required & Schedule your pick-up at a suitable day and time.

IV- Select the payment mode & Click on “Book Service”

AutoFlipz’s main focus of bringing technology-enabled business into the light was ‘to show that we and our customers are on the same page. The customer has all the access regarding the car or service. A customer can view the nearest workshop and assign accordingly. Workshop availability according to distance and review based. Everything is completely transparent! From their booking to making payment, from pick up to service started. Therefore, everything is under one roof!

AutoFlipz is the 1st one to introduce a scalable model where not much human intervention is involved making us more of an Internet company than Sales.

How has technology changed the face of Car Servicing? 

People tend to get their car service and repair from OEMs till the point they have a warranty which is there for around 3 years. After that, what do people do after the ‘warranty’ expires? They shift from OEM’s( Authorised Service Partners) to roadside mechanics or IAM. Is this the correct solution for your car? NO! All our partnered garages at AutoFlipz have passed the pre-selection criteria of our company. Hence, it makes us work with only Standardized Garages, not street Garage.

We are technology-driven as in the automotive sector only AutoFlipz initiated the following features that no one thought of! 

1. Free pick-up and drop service

Free Pick-up and Drop
Free Pick-up and Drop

The free pick-up and drop service have made it possible for our customers to invest their precious time on things that matter more. Whether stuck in household work, meetings, or want to enjoy the match. You can choose our pick-up option to get free pick-up and drop at any location at your convenience. Our skilled technicians will come to your place and will take it to the nearest AutoFlipz certified garage to repair it!

2. Live Updates

Real-time live updates | Modern technology by AutoFlipz
Real-time live updates

You can relax with the live updates and pictures of your car’s service work. Track the progress of your car service right in the app only. Also, get important updates about your car’s service through push notifications and SMS, and via mail. 

3. Upfront Pricing

Upfront Pricing
Upfront Pricing

In addition, we offer fair pricing and savings of up to 40%. Therefore, with the help of the AutoFlipz app, you can get accurate and affordable on-road prices for car services.

4. Automatic Diagnostics

In addition, at AutoFlipz, your car goes diagnostic test that reveals all the genuine issues related to your vehicle.

How do workshop owners benefit from the technology-enabled app?

  1. We provide Standardisation to our Workshop partners. 
  2. Follow the Central SOPs Mechanisms
  3. We have Technology-enabled outlets 
  4. As AutoFlipz uses a technology-enabled app no paperwork is required! Everything is transparent and managed via the app.
  5. Moreover, we have a tracker in our app for staff efficiency.
  6. Workshop Management Mechanism
  7. Due to the use of the app, the workshop generates an addition in Revenue. 

AutoFlipz’s way of car servicing has brought a huge impact on the lives of our customers and workshop owners. 

We’ve been in operation for the past 2 years and, we’ve had some wonderful experiences that could have never crossed our minds. Moreover, it feels great to see that our vision turned into reality has helped people to overcome their car issues. We haven’t stopped right here, we are still growing day by day, each day a little better than yesterday. 

Moreover, we are getting much stronger and experienced with the help of technology every day!

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