How Toyota Cars became the top-selling cars of 2020 of India

Toyota is one of the top-selling cars of India, and it is constantly giving good service and products to its customers. And known for its fantastic products in SUV, MUV, and Sedan. And their other key reasons which makes the name of the company and car in the Indian market and globally.


80 percent of Toyota’s sales in the last 20 years are still on the road. And that kind of durability translates into big long-term savings. Toyota knows how to build vehicles that last.

Resale Value

The Toyota marque rates highest for resale value, according to Kelly Blue Book. When you build a quality vehicle, your customers will benefit from long service and great resale value.


Nobody beats Toyota when it comes to 4WD and AWD vehicles. That’s great for handling slick conditions and off-road adventure. These vehicles come in different sizes and designs to suit every lifestyle.


Toyota’s dedication to safety dates back to the company’s origins. Toyota has won more than its share of IIHS Top Safety Pick designations, and Toyota Safety Sense is standard or available on most of its vehicles.


Year in, year out, Toyota earns top marks for quality. Excellent manufacturing techniques, well-trained technicians, top engineering expertise, and upscale materials are built into each Toyota, and you reap the benefits.

So this proves how Toyota covered the whole market of luxury cars because of its performance. And the most selling car of 2020 is Innova Crysta. Which has been in the market for the last 5 years and become the number one on-trend in 2020.

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This data the Crysta is the most selling car of 2020 by having 34,078 sales in India by the end of 2020. And this proves what is the taste of India when they choose Toyota. And this could double if India was not surrounded by coronavirus and lockdown. But this much sales happened because of the benefits of Innova Crysta and some key benefits are:

Perfect for six 

The top model of Innova Crysta ZX is perfect for 6 people and has spacious space in it. The front and the second row also known as captain seats aren’t just big and cushy, these are comfortable, adjustable for almost everything, and great for long driving purposes.

Makes it practical for all rounds 

The Innova Crysta has extra spaces to put your belongings like a phone, cold drink, and snacks. Also for going inside the car, it’s not a difficult task, you just need to open the second seat and go to the third seat. And there are other features like an electric driver seat, a keyless entry, and start, and a cooled box. 

So these are some key features which made you buy this product and made Toyota best seller car of India in 2020 and this car Crysta is also very affordable in price. And the perfect choice for long driving purposes. And Innova is also known for high-quality maintenance service and gives good service to their customers.

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