Hyundai launches Futuristic concept in Mobis M.Vision X

Hyundai is an automobile giant and, with its innovations taking over the world; it has now come up with a brand new concept of Mobis M. Vision X.

This Hyundai Mobis venture is deemed to be the ‘most interesting and futuristic’ from the ongoing upheaval in the auto-tech world. Hyundai Mobis is rooted in South Korea and envisions M. Vision X to be a car that can control itself. It is an autonomous vehicle that is a treat to the futuristic fantasy of the tech-freaks. It is no less than a dream to think of a vehicle that changes its windows to screens. Hyundai Mobis M. Vision X was curated as an autonomous taxi. Earlier, back in the late 20th-century, this concept came into being however it was semi-autonomous and too futuristic. Well, it is the future now.

 A few years back it was a small-scale project with level 4 autonomy; meaning that the prototypes were still not fully autonomous and required some levels of manual handling. In this new prototype level, 5 autonomy is provided; reducing the involvement of humans and increasing the power of AI interactions and reactions. This concept evolved from evolving needs of the people post-COVID. This vehicle can give us the joy of riding along with a sense of security and belonging; to the personal environment created inside of the vehicle. Windows that turn into screens allow people to enjoy the outings as well as their personal spatial level of comfort. Feels like straight out of a science fiction movie right?

Since it is completely AI-based,-

it requires less maintenance and is eco-friendly in more ways than one. It requires electricity as a fuel and comes with an in-built ‘recycling box’ that could recycle simple objects; like water bottles and likewise. This innovation by Hyundai Mobis of South Korea is the talk around the town for having a car with windows; that turns into a screen and plays your favorite delights is a dream come true; for all the introverts and ambiverts around the world.

COVID pandemic has changed our lives in many ways and keeping that flowy is very tough; however, this Hyundai Mobis M. Vision X concept is a beginning towards a changed and revolutionized world. Its no-touch controls are one of the features that makes it a COVID-friendly vehicle. There is also a sterilizing feature that uses harnessed source UV light beams; to automatically sterilize the vehicle once the passengers leave the vehicle. People can accommodate in a no-contact fashion and distinguishably control and operate most of the driving-related features. In no time this concept will be turned into a reality. But will this reality be the one with which we want our future generations to cohabitate? Or is it just a step towards getting farther away from our fundamental interactive zone?

These are a few questions that M. Visions X concept by Hyundai raises in my mind. We must also realize the transient situations that we are dealing with after the pandemic situation; and make or break such concepts after autonomous deliberations.

Priya Singh

Priya Singh

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