Maharashtra is Going to Have EV- Electric cars

Maharashtra is looking to come with EV in the country over the next five years. They are willing to increase the adoption of such vehicles, with several key automakers manufacturing plants in Maharashtra. The ambition of a battery-powered future may have some credible weight.
Since it’s time to upgrade technology, Maharashtra is a well economically developed state in India. And I want to go in an eco – eco-friendly car. Which will protect the environment as well as the health also.

According to State transport secretary Ashish Kumar Singh, speaking at a virtual town hall recently, explained that Maharashtra has the potential to be the top EV-producing state in India and that a committee has been established which would re-draft the current EV policy here. “We are in the final stage of drafting the policy. The transport department has already consulted stakeholders, but we are still open to suggestions from the public,”
And, according to state transport commissioner Avinash Dhakane, the Maharashtra government is looking at major cities like Mumbai, Pune, Nagpur, Nashik, and Aurangabad to hit the 25% electrification mark of its intra-city public transport and last-mile delivery vehicles by the year 2025. With a current fleet of 15,000, it is also expected that at least 15% of these intercity buses of Maharashtra State Road Transport Corporation would be powered by batteries.

By the end of 2025, it’s crucial to make highways like Mumbai Nagpur Expressway and Mumbai Pune Expressway which support electric vehicles. Also, it is noted that at present, there are around 32,000 electric vehicles across segments in the state.

Till now, they are supporting luxury brands like Mercedes and Land rover. But many experts are working on providing affordable EV cars. And it is expected that soon Middle-class people can also afford to have EV cars and contribute to Environment. And we expect that soon Indian cars will run from electricity.



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