Avoid these Car Damaging Habits that are Ruining your car

A car is one of the most valuable pieces of machinery that we own. There are lots of car damaging habits by which our car gets damaged. Such as road conditions, weather, and other car component damage.
Here, we talk about the few car damaging habits that we do unintentionally that affect our car.
Let’s take a look!

1. Riding the brake

Riding the Brake | Car Damaging Habits
Riding the brake

If you are driving a car & use the brake pedal for long intervals it is a bad sign. This leads to failing your car’s brake as well. This is one of the damaging habits that we fail to notice always. Instead of using a brake you should have control over your car speed and shift your car into a lower gear.
dragging the brakes is a lousy habit that will create wear and tear on your pads and discs in the near future.

2. Regular low-fuel drives

Low Fuel Drive
Low Fuel Drive

If you drive your car in a low-fuel occasionally it won’t damage your car but if it is used on a regular basis it can severely damage your car’s engine, fuel pump, clog the filters. This is also the habit of car damage that we never notice.

3. Delaying your car’s service

Car Service Delay | Car Damaging Habits
Car Service Delay

If you drive with low air pressure it leads to replacing your car tire & also affects your car in certain ways. This habit is bad for your car that we do unintentionally.

4. Driving with low air pressure

Low Tyre Pressure
Low Tyre Pressure

If you drive with low air pressure it leads to replacing your car tire & also affects your car in certain ways. This habit is bad for your car that we do unintentionally. 

5. Ignoring the leaks

Car Leaks | Car Damaging Habits
Car Leaks

You should always check your car fluid level on regular basis. Do not ignore the leak in your car. This one is another car damaging habit.

6. Ignoring the warning light

Warning Lights
Warning Lights

Your car will inform you or warn you by the warning light before it gets worse. Please, don’t ignore the dashboard warning light this is a damaging habit that people ignore due to expenses charges.

7. Riding the clutch 

Riding Clutch | Car Damaging Habits
Riding Clutch

Riding the clutch is considered to be a bad idea, as they are the prime reason to cause wear and tear; and the major problem is it is not covered by a warranty. If you are that driver who fails to take their foot off the pedal after changing gears then you must know it is a bad habit as a poor clutch will create excessive wear. Thus, shortening the life of the plate. 

8. Revving unnecessarily

Car Revving | Car Damaging Habits
Car Revving

It is not good at all to revving the car engine. Please, don’t rev the engine or race on the roads. It is really a bad habit people do most of the time. If you want to heat up your engine, you just need to do is leave them idle & it will automatically optimum to the temperature really soon.

9. Going on the potholes


In India, potholes on the roads are common. This can lead your car in danger if you over cross the car on the potholes without applying brakes. You just need to remember when you are crossing potholes just drive slow. Car care is the most essential thing we have to do on regular basis to avoid danger. Do not damage your car unnecessarily.

10. Resting hands-on gearsticks

Do you remember the time when you were learning how to drive, your driving instructor must have told you to keep your hands on the wheel all the time. 

But people have a tendency to rest their hands on gearstick and are totally unaware of the fact that it has a negative impact on the transmission. In reality, the gear stick of the car is connected to a selector fork, that is made in a car to make contact with the rotating collar for a time. And if you rest your hands on the gearstick, you apply the pressure to the fork, creating premature wear. 

11. Overloading your car

You may possess amazing lavish cars which are designed to carry heavy loads. But we would like to draw your attention to the adverse effect that you create while overloading it. When you receive your car’s manual it will inform you about your car’s maximum load weight- that will present you; with the idea of carrying a total no. of weight. You must remember when it comes to luggage in a car is that the more the weight the more strain will be put on the brakes and suspension. 

So, it is advisable not to carry things which are not necessary and travel as light as possible.

12. The worst is late-breaking

we totally understand that there comes a time when you have to apply sudden emergency stop in case of accident or emergency. But if you have a habit of consistently putting late brakes, it will create a huge amount of strain on the braking system. This process of yours will create wear and tear of pads and, you will end up spending more money than you usually spend on it.  

These are a few simple approaches that you must keep in mind while driving and avoid bad damaging habits to your car. Do you follow all those things while driving your car? Comment below and let us know!

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