10 Ways To Modify Your Car To Make It Feel Like New

We get bored of the same car and want some modification. Buying new cars every year is not possible for all which brings in the idea to modify car and make it feel like a new one. Here are 10 ways to make your car brand new. 

1. Clean-up and wash

A freshly washed car can bring a wide grin to your face. Go to a small garage and make them wash every minute parts like the underbody, wheel wells, engine bay, etc. Make sure if interiors of the car are dry cleaned and vacuumed cleaned thoroughly.

2. Fixing and polishing

It’s easy to get rid of minor scratches on the car. If you have bigger scratches and dents, getting a touch-up job done on the car, instead of repainting. Once that is done, use a good quality glaze polish and a good wax polish and use it once a month to maintain the sheen. If you want to give a stylish or funky look then use masking tape or light graphic stickers in strategic areas to make the car look different. 

3. Check tyres

Bring a glow to your tires with good quality polish. You can even add new colors on the steel part of tires to give a new look. Replacing your car wheels makes it run smoother and you sense you could fly with it. You can place a tire pressure monitoring system. Keeping and checking the correct PSI of all four corners isn’t just safe; you’ll also extract good handling and performance from your tires when they’re properly inflated.

4. Brake pads 

 Getting a set of brake pads made for the type of driving you to do will impact the feel of your brakes quite a bit. You can change your car’s rubber brake lines, which can flex and make the pedal seem numb under hard braking. 

5. Dress the Seat 

Changing seat covers after they have seen long days is an instant way to give your interior an aesthetic upgrade. This budget-friendly mod gives you the option of customizing your seats depending on the color or material you choose. They hide the stains and cuts on seats and prevent further damage. New seat covers give a rich interior look to the car. 

6. Headlights and tail-lights

Let’s add some light to the vibe.  You can either clean up the dirty, foggy headlights or replace the bulbs which are more appealing. For some protection and/or fashion you can consider looking into headlight covers and tinting taking into consideration of all rules and regulations by law.

7. Technology and touch

It’s a simple way to re-energize your daily commute by installing new applications and gadgets in your car. You can move with additional features such as hands-free communication, Bluetooth, entertainment system, remote startup, monitor screen at the backseat, etc., and get smooth with the latest technology.

8. Shock absorbers and stiffer springs

Shock absorbers absorb the shocks that come from driving over bumps, etc., help keep your tires intact firmly on the pavement. They help control the natural up and down motion that springs do after they have been compressed, thereby making your car feel much more stable. Combination of great shocks with a stiffer and lower set of springs. You will start to see a sort of multiplier effect of all the good geometry you have been working for.

9. Engine clean-up

Most people maintain their car in a ready condition but forget about maintaining the cleanliness of what’s under the hood. The car’s engine should be handled with care. Let’s see how to clean and maintain it properly.  A clean engine that is free of leaves, grime, oil, and corrosion will make it look spectacular. The one who truly loves his car will take care of minute things inside out.

10. Accessories 

You can add new accessories for car-like steering wheel’s cover, car freshener, tinted glass cover (following rules and regulations) , foot covers, music system, car cover, stickers, etc.

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