Car Maintenance Tips for Mahindra Cars

Buying a car is always a big decision that takes up several years’ worth of your savings and a lot of your time in deliberations. You must have spent several hours scouring the internet, reading blogs, and watching review videos to ascertain the best fit for you. Your research paid off and your first car is here, looking all shiny and bright, fresh out of the storeroom. However, your work doesn’t end here. You also need to familiarize yourself with some general car maintenance tips to make sure that your Mahindra vehicle is more dependable, safer, and lasts longer.

It also pays to have some car care tips in mind while operating your vehicle as it reduces the chance of a breakdown, the repair costs for which are fairly high. It also allows you to have a higher resale value in case you decide to trade or sell it, as well as keeps the warranty intact. Keeping good care of your car also assists in keeping your vehicle emissions to a minimum which reduces environmental pollution. You can follow the following steps to ensure that your engine runs efficiently and that your car is in perfect shape-

1. Getting Regular Service and Maintenance-

Mahindra Car Maintenance Tips
Car Maintenance

Mahindra offers a recommended car maintenance tips that delineates specific procedures to be carried out on various systems depending on the number of miles that your car has been driven for. These repair operations must be done regularly by authorized personnel at their service centers to optimize your vehicle’s performance and maintain its warranty.

Once your vehicle has crossed the 100,000-mile mark, it is highly recommended to get the High Mileage Inspection and Evaluation done by a Mahindra-trained technician. They can then advise you on what procedures you should get done and what parts of your vehicle needs the most attention. Most of the authorized service centers are capable of carrying out these repairs which proves to be convenient and time-saving. 

2. Checking and changing filters –

Check and change filters
Check and change filters

Inspect and replace air filters regularly; irrespective of the miles travelled or the time that has passed since you started driving. Taking this extra step will prevent your exhaust emissions. And reduce the chances of rapid fuel consumption that comes with dirty air. 

The user manual provided to you will have a recommended interval for switching your transmission and brake fluid. Consult and follow them to ensure smooth driving. Brake fluids should be replaced at least every two years. Brake fluid is hygroscopic, that is, it absorbs moisture from the air causing its boiling point to reduce. This means that your brake fluid can boil if you use the brake heavily and affect the hydraulics of the braking system. To prevent this, carry out regular testing of your brake fluid. 

You should also check your engine oils level regularly to check if it has fallen below the prescribed level. This will prevent your engine from getting damaged and ensure proper lubrication of all engine parts. 

Fuel circulation in the tank can pick up a lot of debris; over time that will end up in the fuel filter. If the filter gets plugged with dirt, the fuel will not reach the engine properly. It might also let unfiltered fuel to pass through the tank causing damage to its parts. Therefore it is advisable to change your fuel filters at regular intervals, as recommended by your car manufacturer. 

Also, check and replace cabin air filters regularly to ensure the flow of clean air inside the vehicle. It will also help in the proper cooling of the car. A good sign that it is time to change your cabin filters is if your AC is not cooling efficiently. 

3. Checking Your Tyres-

Check Tyres | Mahindra Car Maintenance Tips
Check Tyres

A car cannot function without its tires functioning properly. Deflated tires can lead to overheating of the tires and may even cause complete tire failure. Therefore check your tyre pressure regularly; and since the pressure reduces over time, get it refilled up to the recommended limit. Not only will this keep them in good condition for a long time but also keep your driving smooth. Also, see that nothing is stuck in them that might puncture them to prevent a flat tire in the future. 

4. Clean Your Car’s Battery-

Check Battery | Mahindra Car Maintenance Tips
Check Battery

The vehicle needs a battery in good condition for it to run well. Therefore it is necessary to clean it from time to time to extend battery life and safeguard proper functioning. Consult your user manual to learn about the location and basics of your car’s battery. In order to clean the terminal contacts of your battery, get a battery cleaning brush. Disconnect the negative terminal first to cut off the electricity supply. Clean the battery as suggested in the user manual. Then reconnect the terminals, starting with the positive terminal this time. 

5. Other things to Keep in Mind-

Check Wiper Blades
Check Wiper Blades

In addition to the Mahindra car maintenance tips mentioned above, you are recommended to check your wiper blades regularly. Check for cracks or tears and confirm that there is no windshield smearing. Clean your car’s exterior at least twice a month and its interior at least once a month for proper hygiene. A small car vacuum can help with the latter. Check all vehicle lights such as headlamps, brake lights, parking lights, marker lights, and turn signals. This is to confirm that they’re working properly. Also, be aware of any warning signals that might appear on your dashboard. Consult your user’s manual for the same. 

These car maintenance tips will warrant smooth functioning for your Mahindra car and prevent any issues from occurring. Remember, a stitch in time saves nine!

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