MG Hector is called to be the best SUV car. The MG Hector comes with a great power engine and internet in the car. It also has great features that allow you to find your location and you will never lose. The best thing about the MG Hector is that It has great luggage space and a panoramic sunroof. Hence, it identically provides a great view even for the rear passengers as well. The MG Hector maintenance is accountable for its design and features considering the best vehicle in its segment. As a result, The MG Hector is a worth investing car, well-equipped with all these modern features and the luxury makes it the best value for money vehicle. Furthermore, the MG Hector facelift has more credentials to take on its rivals when talking about the in-cabin experience. However, things have changed behind the wheel for better reliability and top-notch commentability. 

Maintenance Tips For MG Hector 

1. Know your MG Hector: Inside and out 

The first and foremost thing an ideal owner can do is to educate oneself on the MG Hector specifications and its safety features. As of which, one can follow this by keeping up and reading the user manual. The MG Hector manual will have all the details about the car. Furthermore, reading the manual will make the owner aware of all the important information such as service intervals, the right time to change the engine oil, and also helps to list the ways to solve any recurring problems. Therefore, reading the user manual can enable the owner to identify and solve the basic issues that one may eventually encounter. 

2. Check and clean the MG Hector engine 

It is necessary for any vehicle owner to check the engine. Hence, it is important to keep the MG Hector engine clean. As a result, this will ensure the proper functionality of the vehicle. Moreover, keeping the engine clean not only promotes keeping the car running without any trouble. But, it also reduces the overall expenses of having to repair a damaged engine. Therefore, the best maintenance tip to look after the engine is to ensure you always make use of clean fuel. Also, keep the engine free of sludge for better results. Additionally, It is advisable to change the oil at regular intervals. This will keep the vehicle away from major damages like oil leakages, and dust accumulation.

3. Check and change the lubricants and oil filters 

Check and change the lubricants and oil filters

The car, or particularly MG Hector is made up of several moving parts. As a result, it runs smoothly and efficiently with the help of lubricants. Hence, it is recommended to check and increase the engine’s oil level as an integral part of the basic MG Hector maintenance routine. Furthermore, friction is created when engine parts of the vehicle brush against each other. As a result, oil produces energy. However, the oil can get contaminated with dust and dirt particles. Therefore, it is necessary to change the lubricants at regular intervals. Similarly, it is important to replace the oil filter as well, at certain intervals. 

4. Keep the MG Hector tire in good condition 

Keep the MG Hector tire in good condition

The best factor to ensure safe and comfortable driving is to ensure the tires are in good condition. As tires also add on to the most important part of a vehicle. Therefore, it is greatly recommended to check the tires if they need to be replaced or not. If so, have them replaced as soon as possible. Otherwise, it can lead to double expenditure. Furthermore, keep in mind to check the tire pressure on a regular basis, or if not, at least once in a week. Because the tire pressure can also reflect the car’s fuel economy. Moreover, be mindful of the inflated tires as an over-inflated tire can result in tire burst. Additionally, maintaining the correct tyre pressure will reduce wear and tear and will help the tires to last longer. 

5. Drive carefully 

The way you practice the art of driving the MG Hector reflects the vehicle’s condition and this can impact the mileage. Besides, keeping the car in good condition by keeping away from rash driving, avoiding sudden braking, sharp and quick turns also holds the potential to determine the lifespan of the vehicle. Furthermore, always remember to know the speed limits, avoid sudden stops and frequent speed fluctuations. This will keep you and your vehicle safe from unwanted accidents. As a result, it will also reduce the MG Hector maintenance costs and ensure the car will last longer. The best practice to monitor the driving habits is through MG’s smart drive information. It provides detailed analytics on how strong you apply brakes or the time you left the vehicle running idle. 

MG Hector Service Schedule 

  • 1000 Kms / One Month – Labor Free Service (General Inspection, Wash & Clean)
  • 5000 Kms / Six Month – Labor Free Service (General Inspection, Wash & Clean)
  • 10,000 Kms / One Year – Labor Free Service (Oil & Filter Change every Year)
  • 20,000 Kms / Two Year – Labor Free Service
  • 30,000 Kms / Three Year – Labor Free Service
  • 40,000 Kms / Four Year – Labor Charges will be applicable


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