Ford Ikon Maintenance-How To Take The Best Care Of This Timeless Car

The Ford Ikon was one of the bestselling Ford models in India before it was discontinued in 2011. The reason cited for this discontinuation was to reduce the number of available models so that they could introduce newer, improved models in the market. Even though the car is no longer available on the market, it is possible to buy one second-hand. It is also possible that you already own one and being an older model, maintenance takes prime importance to keep it functional. Here are some Ford Ikon maintenance tips-

1. Proper Lubrication of the Engine

Lubrication of Engine | Ford Ikon Maintenance
Lubrication of Engine

It is important to keep the engine in its prime condition in order to make sure a car runs smoothly. One of the ways that you can ensure this is by checking the engine oil level regularly. If it falls below the lower limit on your dipstick, it is time to get a top-up. However, if you find that your engine oil has turned brown and milky instead of being black in color, you will need to get your oil, as well as fuel filter, changed. You can get detailed instructions on how to check your engine oil level here.

Neglecting small requirements such as these can incur huge expenses in the future, so it’s better to be proactive in your approach and conduct timely checks.

2. Avoid Engine Overheating

Overheated Engine
Overheated Engine

Engine overheating can cause serious damage to your vehicle. In order to avoid this, you should check the coolant levels at regular intervals. It should be (at least) at the ‘min’ point in the extension tank. If the coolant level has fallen below that, you should get a top-up and fill it up to the ‘max’ point.

Moreover, you should allow the car to cool down before you open the radiator and the expansion tank cap. Secondly, if you find any coolant leaks, you should get them fixed right away. In case you notice that the engine temperature often rises up and reaches a level that is higher than normal, you should have your engine looked at immediately. Also, check the front part of the radiator as well as the space between the radiator and the AC to see if it is clogged. Clogging is often the culprit behind overheating.

3. Brakes and Transmission

Brakes |  Ford Ikon Maintenance

You will need to get the brake fluids and transmission fluids replaced regularly. Your car will either be old or second-hand, therefore it is best to get these inspected at least once in six months and replaced after a gap of 10000 kilometers. If your brakes are not well lubricated you will end up losing fuel in the form of heat loss (due to increased friction) during braking. Moreover, don’t change the gears too suddenly and maintain a balance between accelerating and decelerating. It is best if you anticipate your stops.

Another thing to keep in mind to maintain the longevity of your car is to use the clutch wisely. Needlessly using the clutch can affect your mileage.

4. Tires

Tyres | Ford Ikon Maintenance

You need to maintain adequate tire pressure at all times. In case the pressure falls below the recommended limit and your tires start to look a little deflated, you should get them refilled at the nearest petrol station.

Make sure that your wheels are aligned at all times. Unbalanced wheels are a safety hazard so you should attend to them immediately. 

Second hand Ford Ikon Maintenance

Regular maintenance and servicing will be non –negotiable for Ford Ikon, or especially one with a lot of miles on it. However, you need to get several other repairs and replacements in case you have bought a second-hand car. You should check (and replace, if required) the front and rear suspension, the clutch plates, the coolant, the brake pads, and the disc and the gear oil.

If your vehicle has more than 50000 kilometers on it, you should ensure that the engine has been de-carbonized. Visit an authorized service center and get that done if it hasn’t. It is also advisable to get the timing belt and associated pulleys examined at an authorized service center. You can visit for more information and lucrative offers.

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