General Renault Pulse Maintenance Tips

The brand Renault has always amazed all of us, with its stylish exteriors and comfortable interiors. However, they have never let our expectations down. They have crafted yet another excellent ‘the New Renault Pulse’, The car is famous for its exterior looks as it counts for its very cozy look, it’s enjoyable for a small family. As we all are aware of the fact that all cars need their own care and love. Since we buy the car with so many expectations and we put all our hard-earned money, thus it shouldn’t go in vain. The car needs its own maintenance therefore, The Renault Pulse is featuring its maintenance tips down below, read and enjoy taking care of your car.

 Renault Pulse Maintenance:

Tip no 1:

The owner’s manual: It’s not news that we seldom read the owner’s manual, yet, it’s quite important to get to know about your car, before your first ride. The Renault Pulse owner’s manual will provide the car’s basic service interval, engine oil change intervals and some troubleshoot manuals. Thus reading the manual can help you to solve a few fundamental minute problems without encountering the automobile mechanic service. Even if the car goes for service, the mechanic will suggest you read the owner’s manual.

Tip no 2:

Engine Oil | Renault Pulse Maintenance
Engine Oil

Top up your engine oil: Engine oil is one of the major parts of the car, if there is no acknowledgment towards it, it can cause big problems in the future. Therefore changing the Renault Pulse engine oils in their requested intervals is very important. It’s easily understandable when it comes to changing the engine oil, as it displays in front of the steering, by that you can be aware of changing the engine oil for the Renault pulse car

Tip no 3:


Check all fluids: Renault Pulse Fluids are another part of the car which has to be taken care of. The fluids of the car consist of coolant, brake fluid, power steering fluid, AC Coolant fluid, and wash Fluid. Filling all the fluids as required is important. Changing and filling all the fluids properly, saves money to a great extent. This also maintains the car’s long run. Therefore, keep in mind to fill all the fluid duly.

Tip no: 4

Battery | Renault Pulse Maintenance

Inspect the battery: As it’s known that, the new Renault pulse has a modern battery. So it keeps our work at ease, as it’s very easy to clean, all we need to do is clean just once in a while but it’s prime to see whether the battery doesn’t have any rust or damage to it. If the car stays in the garage for a long period of time, it can do little damage to the battery. Thus just make sure the car runs at least twice a week. If the car is running quite frequently, it’s pretty easy to maintain the battery of Renault pulse 

Tip no 5:


Examine the tire pressure: As all of us are aware of the fact that tires are pillars of support for the car. It’s a big-time mistake if the tires are overinflated or underinflated. Check the tire pressure every now and then if you see any trouble with tires, do consult the experts and also have a Renault Pulse service schedule.

Tip no 6 :

Air Filters | Renault Pulse Maintenance
Air Filters

Upright the air filters: Cleaning air filters in Renault Pulse is way easier than cleaning your whole room, because the Renault Pulse has modern air filters, it does not need a lot of effort in cleaning the air filter. All you have to keep in mind is to clean it up when you spot dust on it because accumulated dust might affect the engine in due course, thus to have a healthy engine, cleaning air filters are important.

Tip no 7 :


Check and replace the wipers: The use of wipers is quite less with the weather we are having in India, but it’s very important to look after the wipers. If there is harsh heavy rain, there is a possibility the wipers can get damaged, the damaging wipers will put more scratches on the windshield of the car. Therefore it is suggested that you need to check and replace the damaged wipers.

Tip no 8:


Keep a note on cleaning the exterior and interior: Let’s not forget to clean the best exterior and interior of Renault Pulse for its proper maintenance. This stylish car needs its baby care and also it shows the love you show for it. Just cleaning the exterior and interior of the car for 10 minutes before any rides can make a big difference with the look of the car.

We hope you are having fun reading these amazing tips, if you like to know more about car maintenance click this link

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