How To Calculate Your Car’s Mileage Correctly

Mileage is considered one of the most important factors while purchasing cars. This may be because of rising fuel prices. Unlike old cars, modern cars have fuel economy indication in their dashboard. So how can we calculate a car’s mileage correctly? Here are the easy steps.

Refill your tank – Fill your car’s fuel tank completely.

Reset the meter – Reset trip meter of the car and make it on zero.

Look the speed limit – Everyone loves speed but fuel gets exhausted when the car is faster. Therefore, maintain the speed limit for better results.

Drive around – Drive nearly 250-300 kilometers in a stretch if possible. As more fuel burned gives better results.

Fill up fuel tank again – Visit the fuel pump and refill the fuel till it hits cutoff and stop. 

Calculate the car mileage – Car mileage is calculated by dividing number of kilometers drove by quantity of fuel used. 

                                                       Car mileage = Number of kilometers / fuel used 

This can be best done while going on long drives on long open roads. Repeat this twice if you want accuracy and better idea.  

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