How To Check Engine Oil level Of Your Car Correctly

Mostly a car’s engine oil replacement interval is 10,000km or more. However, due to traffic increases and low average speeds, the engine tends to run for a longer duration which can lead to an increase in oil consumption. This is mainly seen in older cars. A low level of engine oil can be dangerous to the internal parts of the engine. Further, it can lead to a complete breakdown of the car. Do not worry as it is no big issue but it is recommended to check the oil level after every few weeks. Let’s explore how to do so.

Engine oil

1. Clean, heat and cool

Have a clean cloth when you check the oil level to clean the parts as they need. The best way to check engine oil is when it is hot. Take your car on a short ride. After that make sure your engine is cooled down before starting the process.

2. Locate the dipstick

Mostly, dipsticks are located on the left side of engines. It has a yellow or orange handle that is easily visible. When you will pull this, a long piece of metal will come out.

3. Clean the dipstick and insert it back

When you pull it, clean it with fresh cloth and locate it back. Make sure it is inserted correctly. Let it immerse properly and remove it again.

4. Check the level on dipstick

If the oil level is halfway between maximum and minimum then there is no need to refill the oil. If it is above halfway then you can add a bit of oil. If it is below halfway mark then there is a serious need to add engine oil.

These are simple ways to check the engine oil. If one wants to top up engine oil then check the correct level and right oil for the car. Open the cap and pour oil very slowly bit by bit, checking the oil level. Check the dipstick and ensure if there is no excess oil that can cause any damage.

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