The fuel in a car is not just some liquid poured over to run them. The fuel is more like running machinery without which the movement of the car is impossible. Fuel efficiency in simple sentences is the capability of the car to obtain energy from the fuel to function and enhance the movement of the car. Therefore, before and when purchasing, put into account the fuel efficiency of a car as this is one of the most important components for the buyers to analyze and also, one amongst the driver’s goals. The term ‘fuel efficiency of a car’ has become deeply rooted in the automobile industry, and how to check this concept has become validated to most buyers with sky-rocketing fuel prices in the nation.

The advantage of going for good fuel efficiency is maintaining a clean environment. Moreover, cars with good fuel efficiency will consume and carry less fuel resulting in it saving the environment for the future generation. 

How important is the fuel efficiency of a car? Is it worth checking the fuel efficiency of a car? 

Here are some important steps to know about fuel efficiency and how to check the fuel efficiency of a car. 

Fuel Efficiency

1. The age of the vehicle 

The age of the vehicle plays a major role in indicating the fuel efficiency of the car. The automobile manufacturing industries are consistently looking for new ways that are more advanced and sustainable to bring change and improve the fuel consumption and efficiency of the car. Hence, the newer cars in the market are more likely to be fuel efficient compared to those manufactured some five to ten years ago. Therefore, make sure to do research about the fuel efficiency and the model of the car preferred before making any purchase. 292 

2. Matter of driving 

Every individual has their own ways and styles of driving under different conditions and this carries proper information about the fuel efficiency of the car. Moreover, the roadways also contribute a lot in determining under what conditions their cars are used, because this does make a lot of difference to the fuel efficiency of the car. In addition, fast driving has a bad impact on the condition of the car. For someone who drives on the open road and less traffic will result in long-lasting and better fuel efficiency as compared to those driven on rough roads and more traffic.

3. Clean the fuel tank 

Cleaning the fuel tank from time to time is an important measure to help prolong the life of not only the fuel filter but your engine overall. Also ensures a positive performance of the fuel efficiency of the car. But safety first, ensure that all necessary precautions are taken before cleaning and ensure the fuel is drained properly as the fuel is combustible and is dangerous. Furthermore, cleaning the fuel tank properly ensures any dust, debris, or other harmful materials don’t get into the engine and avoid any damages. Maintenance also helps prevent fuel lines from clogging up and keeps the fuel pump running stronger for longer and better performance. 

4. Calculate the fuel efficiency 

In order to check the fuel efficiency, one can calculate the fuel efficiency by following these simple procedures. First of all, keep the fuel tank empty, then fill the tank with the fuel. Make sure you make a record of the mileage and note down the current mileage for further references. Make this a mileage 1. Then drive normally on the open road to get an accurate reading for checking the fuel efficiency of the car. It is recommended to drive until the tank is less than half full for accuracy. The longer you can go before getting another round of the fuel, the better. Shortly, then fill the tank again. Now, pay attention to how many gallons it takes to fill up the tank. Make this a mileage 2. To know how fuel-efficient your car is, perform the below-given formula. 

Fuel Efficiency Of a Car

How to check the mpg of a car? 

MPG is defined as the method of knowing the car’s capacity (that is, how many miles it gets per gallon). This will help to determine if a gas guzzler is eating up the cash. The formula for determining the MPG is formulated below – 

MPG = (Mileage 2 – Mileage 1)÷Gallons. 

Subtract Mileage 1 from Mileage 2. 

This will give you the number of miles driven since the last fill-up. 


Divide the answer by the number of gallons (Gallons B) it took to fill up the tank. 

Fuel-efficient cars 

Here is the list of top 10 cars that earn the top fuel economy and respectable spotlights in the market. 

1. Skoda Octavia

2. Ford Endeavour 

3. Honda Civic 

4. Renault Duster 

5. Suzuki Celerio

6. Ford Focus 

7. Honda CR-V Hybrid 

8. Toyota Prius (Hybrid) 

9. Hyundai Accent 

10. Honda Insight 

Fuel Economy 

Car fuel economy is directly proportional to the miles per gallon, or mpg. The higher the mpg of the car, the better the car’s fuel economy. Fuel economy is also referred to as the number of miles a car can travel using a specific amount of fuel. It is measured in miles per gallon. Furthermore, the more miles per gallon a car gets, the farther it can go on a tank of fuel and the better its fuel economy. 

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