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Despite the power a car’s engine delivers, it is the car tyres that are among the most vital of all its components. 

It has been observed that tyres in spite of playing a crucial role in a car remain largely neglected. 

On rough surfaces or on a curvy road, it is the tyres that stand responsible for providing you a cushioning ride. But still, there are many users that overlook the correct maintenance of the tyres. If you are one of those users then, we must warn you that by keeping your car’s tyre in this form may totally reflect on the tyre. Your tyre will definitely start to show the signs of aging. 

But, don’t worry! AutoFlipz is here to tell you some tips & tricks to increase the age of your tyre. 

Follow these amazingly easy tricks in your day to day life-

1. Avoid Sudden Braking-

When you apply sudden brakes your car’s tyre takes a toll. It happens due to the high friction which gets generated while accelerating or braking too hard. Even tread wear will help you extract the most out of your tyres because one cannot avoid braking in accidental situations.

Car tyre

2. Using genuine OEM-spec Car Tyres-

There comes a time when for the sake of aesthetics car users change the rims and tyres of their car. We would totally advise you to never do that. Also, using wider tyres may come with its benefits but it will disturb one of the many parameters.

3. Correct Air Pressure In Tyre-

This is the most important thing to check in the tyre. You should always maintain correct tyre pressure! But you have to keep in mind, to avoid over-or-under inflation of tyres. Because underinflation will directly affect the acceleration and braking, that will lead to higher wear and tear in tyres. Whereas, over-inflation will have an adverse effect on braking and you might end up with a burst tyre. It is advised to keep this in mind especially the time you are going on a ride on the cemented roads.

4. Check Wheel Alignment-

You should regularly check wheels for wheel alignment. When you will check the wheel alignment of your wheel, you will get to know about if any malfunctioning components of the suspension. The regular check-up will keep your car’s suspension components in good shape.

5. Tyre Rotation-

Car Tyre

It is also a way to ensure even tread wear between tyres. Every car owner should get the wheels and tyres of the car rotated. This process should include the spare tyre too. 

6. Smooth Driving-

When driving smoothly not only boosts the efficiency of tyres but also leads to lower wear and tear of the tyres. Wrong practices such as accelerating, aggressive cornering, or hard braking could lead to increased degradation of tyres.

7. Replacement of Valves and Valve Caps-

While replacing old tyres with the new ones, always make sure that you are replacing the valves and the valve caps, too. These components are mostly neglected and that neglecting affects the overall performance.

8. Avoid Overloading-

Overloading in the car with luggage will lead to higher pressure on the tyres. This increases the wear and tear of the tyres and can also lead to punctures and tyre bursts.

9. Avoid Harsh Terrains-

When travelling on broken roads or rough surfaces it causes the tyres to heat up faster. This leads to puncture and side walls damage of tyre. Therefore, you must avoid driving your car over such rough surfaces. But if you have no other route, then drive a bit slower.

10. Repairing of Punctured Tyre-

As soon as you realize that your car is going through a punctured tyre, then immediately pull over. If you keep driving your punctured car, even for few kilometers it will create immense stress on the tyre. Therefore, it is recommended whenever your tyre goes through such a situation, it is an ideal way to pull over and replace it.

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If your tyre still needs a proper wheel alignment or replacement and you are unable to provide time!

Then don’t worry AutoFlipz is there to bring you out of this mess. You will save big on this service and, your car will run just fine! 

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