How to take care of your car on your own

Planning a DIY for your car? Here are the easy ones- 

How to replace your wiper blades

Wiper Blades replacement
Wiper Blades Replacement

You can easily know whether or not your wiper blades need replacement or not. So what do you think do you need to go out or you can do it all by yourself? You can do it all by yourself. Simply press the washer button and check whether or not your blades wipe clean or not. The auto parts stores have so many economical blades. One must choose high-quality rubber wipes as it has better UV protection and they lasts longer.

Follow the installation instructions mentioned on the package. You should have a firm grip on the wiper arm when you’re removing an old blade. Beware if it gets away from your hand, it can hit the windshield and has enough force to crack it.

Oil changing

Car oil changing
Oil changing

As you can regularly check your car’s oil, you can even change your car’s oil to ensure the smooth running of your car. The basic step is of draining the oil by removing the oil drain plug, unscrewing the oil filter, and emptying it. Then put the oil filter and drain plug back. Now remove the oil filler hole cap and pour the fresh oil.

How to change a flat tyre?

Tyre changing
Tyre changing

Follow the following basic steps-

  1. Find a safe place to pull over your car.
  2. Switch on your hazard lights and use your parking brake.
  3. Check for materials like a flashlight, gloves, tire gauge, and a mat for kneeling
  4. Loosen the lug nuts
  5. Lift your vehicle off the ground – place the jack under a metal portion of your vehicles’ frame. Consult your owner’s manual for the best way of jack replacement.
  6. Now remove the lug nuts and the tire
  7. Replace the lug nuts s that the spare tire stays put.
  8. Now lower your vehicles and begin tightening. So that you keep the tire straight.
  9. When you’re done, lower your vehicle completely and finish tightening.

How to remove scratches from car paint?

take care of paint
Take care of car paint

Scratches on cars make it look worse. Even the tiniest scratch can be visible from far away. To save money you can try fixing it all on your own by these simple steps-

  1. Check the depth of the scratch
  2. Lightly sanding the scratch
  3. Cleanse the area
  4. Apply rubber compound
  5. Polish the area with rubber compound
  6. Wash it and then wax the area to seal the repair.

How to replace car air filters

Car air filter replacement
Car air filter replacement

Air filters help you get free from harmful dirt, dust, and containments from entering your engine. The simple steps you can do are- open the hood, find your air filter unit, remove the air filter cover, take the air filter out and clean the air filter housing, then insert a new filter and replace the cover. Air filters are extremely overlooked parts of your cars and you must make sure that the filter gets changed once a year at least.

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