Getting the most out of your Hyundai Accent by these Maintenance Tips

Hyundai Accent Maintenance is an easy task. You can keep in mind the measures that we discuss in the article to ensure that your car runs a happy life. this may be a small family car. it is designed with sophisticated features and additions that make it no less inferior to the other batch of Hyundai cars. It has a mileage of 13.1 kmpl in the diesel version and the Petrol has 16.36 kmpl. With four new cylinder engines that provide good fuel economy numbers, the Hyundai accent is no small car. Here are the Hyundai Accent Maintenance Tips and reminders that you need to keep in mind while maintaining your Hyundai accent.

In Comparision to the other cars and manufacturing companies, Hyundai is very easy to maintain. It does not cost that very much. Hyundai Accent Maintenance is actually very easy. By following these Hyundai Accent Maintenance Tips for Accent Maintenance, we are sure that you can preserve the efficiency of your car for a long time.

Service and repair for Hyundai Accent

In India, the Hyundai Accent needs the first service after 1500 km, the second after 10000 km, and the third after 20000 km is free. Hyundai Accent Maintenance is very easy to follow.  You only need to take a little step in order to ensure that the vehicle is in good condition. But do keep in mind that even if Hyundai Accent Maintenance is low and takes only a little effort by following Hyundai Accent Maintenance Tips.

Hyundai service and spare part prices are much higher because the supply chain is not as robust as Japanese cars and minor parts are not readily available, so if there is damage, the whole unit has to be replaced and this is driving up the cost.

Checking Your Oil

Oil Check | Hyundai Accent Maintenance
Oil Check

Oil is an important part of your car mechanics by keeping the engine and the subsequent parts lubricated. It s detrimental to the health of your car. So make it a point to check your oil regularly and without fail. When checking the oil, make sure the vehicle is on level ground. Don’t show hesitation to fill the oil to the maximum when refilling the oil. Do not forget to check coolant, brake, and power steering fluids along with the other parts of the car. Sometimes we fail to stress the importance of wiper blades and screenwash. The washer bottle has to be filled with a specific amount of screen wash. The wiper blades should be correctly aimed at the right angle. They must not have any signs of cracking and damage.

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Tire Care

Tyre | Hyundai Accent Maintenance

before you drive in your car, check the tires for damage or excessive wear. Ask your service station to check the tire pressure with a gauge and to make any recommended changes. Tires can easily lose out air and the majority of all the problems in car tires are from improper inflation, which can have a considerable impact on a car, mileage.

The standard level of inflation is level of 28 PSI. Remember to rotate the tires and when you buy new tires, do not just stick to changing one tire, change all the tires in one set. In terms of price, the Kenda is the most affordable tire while the Yokohama at Rs. 6005 is the most expensive. A Hyundai Accent is fitted with tires of 175/70 R13 82T size, and it is available in 54 tire models from top brands such as CEAT, MRF, Bridgestone, and more. The tire pressure for the Hyundai Accent Maintenance is-

Without Load

  • Front 30 PSI
  • Rear 30 PSI
  • With Load
  • Front 33 PSI
  • Rear 33 PSI

Caring for the Interiors


There is always an urge to take a cleaning liquid with that gorgeous citric smell and wipe the Hyundai accent’s interiors clean. But they contain perfume and cosmetic liquids that can damage the dashboard. If you really want to keep your car clean, use a vacuum cleaner to thoroughly clean and suck all the dirt and dust from the interiors. 

After long periods of usage, the glass of the windows is likely to get oily and fogged with dirt. You can use a mild glass cleaner to wipe the glass clean of all the dirt. The carpet can get filled with dust from the shoes and turn dirty. Use a vacuum cleaner to get the dustout, but if you notice that the carpet is wet, it may cause a musty smell that can be only cleaned at a workshop.

Caring for the Exterior


In order to keep your car clean and maintain that polish and shine, make sure that you wash your car thoroughly and with great care in regular periods of time. As you wash the car, focus keenly on cleaning away any dirt, dust, or foreign particle. Using a Car washing shampoo to clean the car will give you the best of results. 

Tips for maintaining high mileage vehicles

In addition to following the above-mentioned tips for Hyundai Accent Maintenance, follow these additional steps to preserve the mileage and the well-being of your car.

  • Oil levels must be closely monitored
  • Brake fluid level must be checked frequently
  • For every 5 to 7 thousand miles you ought to change the oil
  • Keep an eye on the tires and check them for any wear and tear.
  • Customer Care

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