Hyundai Grand i10 Maintenance Tips

Is dad always telling you? “Maintain your car well”. Let me guess? You’re here because you have googled “Hyundai Grand i10 maintenance tips.”

You might be maintaining your car well by adhering to service intervals, giving it regular washes, and trying to keep it dust-free? Maybe there is a bit more you can try doing to maintain your Grand i10. Hyundai i10 maintenance tips are all you need to maintain and guard your car. Trust us, our tips work exactly like how MS Dhoni’s tips helped India win the 2011 World Cup. 

We bring you a special blog that talks about the issues that you might face with the Hyundai Grand i10 maintenance, and how you can overcome those issues and maintain your car with special care. And also, will help you to save on additional expenses that you’re forced to spend because of your car. 

Important Maintenance Tips for Hyundai Grand i10 maintenance

No car is built perfect or works perfect, everything has its own pros and cons including the Hyundai Grand i10. 


Problem: The main problem with the grand i10 is that in the car it’s observed that AC control and the temperature knob tightens up, and thus, turning AC operations a little harder. 

AC Control | Hyundai Grand i10 Maintenance
AC Control

Reason: This happens because of the non-usage of the AC knob and dust particles accumulate over a period of time. It’s better for you to not run the car with the windows rolled down on dusty roads as it results into dust accommodation.

Solution: The best way to prevent it, is to drive the car with the AC running the windows rolled up. Therefore, you have to turn the AC mode and temperature control knob once a day. 

Issue 2

Problem: The most important issue that grand i10 faces are because of bad maintenance of the road. Yes, yes, we’re referring to the potholes part. Due to bad maintenance and “negligence” by whoever is in charge of making these roads. That’s true that all roads in India have potholes, which causes damages to the radiator support panel. Worry not we’re here to help you, after all this blog is about Hyundai Grand i10 maintenance. 

Solution: Have you heard about what the people of Bangalore did to get rid of the potholes? A group of Ok, let’s not get political here, time to go back to the main topic. We’re kidding you don’t have to do any pooja. All you have to do is to be careful while tackling the speed breakers and potholes. 

Issue 3:

Problem: Hearing a high pitch slipping noise while turning the engine?

Engine Belt | Hyundai Grand i10 Maintenance
Engine Belt

Reason: If you hear this sound, it’s because of the over-tightening of the engine belt, which adds an extra load on the pulley. The bet losses its elasticity over time and it causes a reduction in the slack. 

Solution: Check the belt slack by pressing your thumb against the belt, it should depress by 15-20 mm. 

Issue 4:

Problem: A disturbing noise is felt while turning the steering wheel.

Steering Wheel | | Hyundai Grand i10 Maintenance
Steering Wheel

Reason: This might be because of steering leakage components which turns dry because of lack of lubricants and accumulation of dust. Also, happens because of the absence of lubricants. Therefore, the moisture aids in rusting the components. It happens because of washing the car and letting it dry in sun. 

Solution: Use only good quality lubricants that are mentioned in the car manual shared by the Hyundai company. 

Daily Hyundai Grand i10 Maintenance tips

1. Top up the engine oil:

Engine Oil
Engine Oil

It’s a good habit to add the same type and brand of engine oil that is already being used for your Hyundai Grand i10. Always add a little at a time, and wait for a few minutes to let the oil drain, and then remember to check the oil level with a stick. If it’s not full add some more. Close the oil filler cap when you’re done, 

2. Tires


Check the car tyre pressure once a month. Invest in a tyre pressure gauge if you don’t own one, it’s worth every single penny you spend on it. Remember to check for the pressure levels of the tyre in the user manual. Hence, a small amount of investment can save you from a big bill. 

3. Regular Mechanical Service: 

Regular Service
Regular Service

For your safety, it’s recommended to get your car inspected at least once a year. Not a basic service check but take it to someone who can lift your car and check the major components such as the suspension, engine, brakes etc. This is because not all components, be inspected visually with the car on the ground. 

Treat your car well and learn to maintain it properly. If you follow these Hyundai grand i10 maintenance tips properly you will have a good-looking car that will be a pleasure to drive and when the time comes to sell, you will get a good price for it. 

These are the little things that matter, so pay special attention to your car. Giving importance to your car is important. These are the Hyundai Grand i10 maintenance tips. 

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