Hyundai Verna Maintenance- Some Tips and Tricks

The Hyundai Verna is one of the most popular subcompact SUVs on the market at the moment. Its 2020 model has received several changes in its exteriors making it even more aesthetically appealing. However, as more and more models are released on the market, with subtle yet significant changes, maintenance and upkeep need to become specific too. As time passes and the market becomes more and more saturated with options, it will become quite difficult to walk into a mechanic’s shop and ask for specific servicing for your vehicle. They might not be familiar with the model that you own or its issues that require special attention. Therefore, here are some general as well as specific tips for Hyundai Verna Maintenance-

  • Make sure to check your engine oil every couple of weeks to ensure the proper functioning of your car. Depleted oil levels can damage the engine and cause untimely breakdowns. In order to check the oil level, park your car on a level road and allow it to cool down. A heated engine or a sloping road could give you faulty readings. You can get a detailed set of instructions on how to check your engine oil level here.
  • Secondly, keep your brake, power, and steering fluids in mind and check them regularly. Any kind of trouble with your brake fluid can cause a lot of heat production when you apply the brakes which would lead to fuel wastage. Also, check your coolant fluids as overheating of your car can cause vehicle breakdown.
  • Thirdly, check the screen-wash mix levels in the washer bottle. Also, check the wiper blades for any cracks and ensure that the wiper jets are aimed in the right direction.

The next thing to keep in mind is your tyres.

Tyres | Hyundai Verna Maintenance

Examine your tires for any damage or wear and tear. Every time you get your fuel tank filled, check the air pressure inside your tires to see if it is up to the prescribed levels. Ensure that your tires are aligned properly as incorrect alignments can speed up the wearing out of your tires and cause it to happen unevenly. Uneven tires will cause steering vibration. To further avoid this problem, make sure to change all your tires at the same time. Unless there’s an issue like a puncture, if you change your tires, it’s better to change them altogether. Finally, rotate your tires regularly.

Most importantly, you need to take care of your battery.


Check that the battery fluid levels are adequate and that the cables are clean with no signs of corrosion. Clean your battery regularly but always disconnect the cables before you do so.

Change your filters regularly

Filter | Hyundai Verna Maintenance

Especially if you live in a dusty area, you need to change filters. Air filters in the tank can get choked with dirt causing them to become inefficient. Also, check your oil filters. In case they get plugged with too much filth, unfiltered fuel with flow through your engine causing untimely damage.

Next, keep in mind to not use the clutch incorrectly. Also, maintain a balance between acceleration and pressing the brakes. Frequent acceleration-deceleration can cause fuel wastage and tire damage.

The Verna is an excellent model and one of the most celebrated sedans in its segment. But one issue it faces is that once you travel around 50000 kilometres in it, you can notice a jarring noise coming from its suspension while driving on rough roads and speed breakers. This occurs due to inadequate lubrication and clogging caused by dirt. To avoid this issue, clean and lubricate the suspension components on a regular basis. Manually inspect the lower arms, tie rod ends, bushings, and the required lubrication to prevent this problem and increase the longevity of the suspension components.

Hyundai Verna Service

Service | Hyundai Verna Maintenance
Hyundai Verna Service

Finally, get your vehicle regularly serviced. Your car will need proper servicing even after following these Hyundai Verna maintenance tips. Consult the servicing manual to see the prescribed schedule for the required servicing follow it diligently.

 It is recommended to get your first car service after about 12 months or 10000 kilometres, the second after 24 months or 20000 kilometres, the third after 36 months or 30000 kilometres, and so on. The Hyundai Verna maintenance cost is approximately 15,300 INR for 5 years. You can also visit AutoFlipz to learn more about the servicing options available to you. Replace or repair worn-out parts and replenish fluid levels in a timely manner.

Another thing to keep in mind is cleaning your car. Visit car washes or clean your car’s exteriors once every two weeks to remove any mud or dirt collected outside. Also clean the floor mats and vacuum the seats to maintain hygiene. You can swap out the air freshener frequently to make your car smell pleasant. These were a few tips for Hyundai Verna maintenance and we hope that they make your driving experience more pleasurable! 

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