Dream big. Drive bigger with Kia Sonet. Whatever the adventure on your list, the award-winning Kia Sonet of all time SUVs can take you there. As simple as the name itself KIA. Also, be it the top-of-the-line Telluride or the extra ultra-versatile Sorento, Kia Sonet is a one-step stop anytime. Furthermore, the fun and functional Sportage of Kia Sonet and its irresistible compact and rugged Seltos makes the Kia Sonet SUV right for you. Moreover, Kia Sonet is all packed with everything one can rely on, accountable for the Kia Sonet maintenance. Not only this, the Kia Sonet comes with an available Dynamax of a full-time car called the All-Wheel Drive (AWD). Additionally, this system uses electronic sensors to monitor road conditions. Moreover, it distributes power to the appropriate wheels which result in helping the traction and control. 

Maintenance Tips for Kia Sonet 

1. Change the KIA Sonet oil 

Oil | Kia Sonet Maintenance

The oil in the Kia Sonet needs to change every few thousand miles depending on the car and the driving habits. However, the best practice is to change the oil every 1,000 miles, if you drive for less than 10 miles per trip. But, again if you often take the better side and drive at a good cruising speed for a longer period, you can wait before you change the oil. Ensure that the odometer reads 3,000 miles before changing oil.

Besides, always keep in mind that the longevity of the vehicle also reflects how often you change the oil. Furthermore, know the difference that a newer car can hold off on the changes occasionally, but an older car will need them more often. In addition, If you are a driver who prefers to take the subway than the other, leave the car chilling in the garage. Then, you will need to change the oil every six months. 

2. Proper tire maintenance 


There is nothing worse than having to pull over at the corner of the road because of the flat tire. Hence, this is one of the main reasons why it is important for an owner to make time for proper maintenance of the tire. In the meantime, ensure that you are regularly inspecting the vehicle tire. One step to follow up on this is to check the tread marks to see how the tires are doing.

Furthermore, it is recommended to check the air pressure level on each one of the tires. Perform these actions by rotating them, as the front and the rear tires do not wear out at the same speed. Additionally, when you inspect the tires make sure the spare tire is ready to roll at all times. Otherwise, It can later discover that the tire too is flat, and will have no option left but result in much more expensive servicing.

3. Check the Kia Sonet brakes 

Brake | Kia Sonet Maintenance

The brakes in a vehicle are lifesavers, be it safety-wise. As well as money-wise, as nobody would want to crash into the rear-end of those big fat cars on the sides. But, do you ever wonder what kind of maintenance does your Kia Sonet brakes need? Well, here are a few points you need to remember – 

● Replace the brake pads in case of any damage. 

● Check the brake fluid which plays a major role in the proper functioning of the brake. Replace them if needed. 

● Inspect the brake lines and if you notice any unusual, remove the air from it. This can be best done by a technician. 

Furthermore, if the brakes produce unusual sounds, or a burning smell when you hit the brakes. It is high time you take the vehicle to the mechanics to repair and replace(if any). 

4. Keep the batteries clean 

Battery | Kia Sonet Maintenance

Kia Sonet maintenance doesn’t only mean keeping the exterior the looks of the Sonet look good. The truth about proper maintenance is way more than that. It should also involve cleaning the interior and the corner or the unseen area. As a result, this may include under the hood of the vehicle, like the batteries and their terminals. In addition, if one fails or neglects to clean and maintain the batteries, it can lead to corrosion. Which ultimately will result in the expensive replacement of the batteries.

 5. Change the oil filters 

Oil Filter
Oil Filter

Air filters play a vital role in filtering all the pollutants from entering into the vehicle’s vents. Also, it protects the engine against any dust and dirt. Therefore, it is necessary for an owner to change the oil filters on a routine basis as suggested in the owner’s manual. 

6. Maintain the belts and hoses 

The belts and hoses are an essential component of the Kia Sonet. Hence, neglecting the belts and hoses can cause severe damages. However, as a good rule of the statement, it is advisable to replace the timing belt after every 60,000 miles. Also, the serpentine belt after every 40,000 miles. This will ensure safety and good protection in case of any unwanted accidents. Moreover, ensure to replace the hoses when they show signs of wear and tear. This will reflect an ideal owner of a vehicle. 

Kia Sonet Service 

● First Month: 1000 Kms – Kia Sonet General Inspection

● Six Month: 5000 Kms – Kia Sonet General Inspection

● One Year: 10,000 Kms – Kia Sonet Oil & Filter Change 

Kia Sonet service centre 

Top 10 authorized Kia Sonet Service center in India 

  1. New Delhi 
  2. Gurgaon 
  3. Banglore 
  4. Mumbai 
  5. Kolkata 
  6. Noida 
  7. Pune 
  8. Jaipur 
  9. Ahmedabad 
  10. Hyderabad

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