Maintenance Tips Of Honda City Revealed

The Honda City made its debut in 1998 in India. And from that year it has been the most loved sedan of all times. The City has everything that cars must have, and that is the reason Honda City is everyone’s favourite. The City is the most in its segment. The car comes with an amazing engine. However, the maintenance cost of the Honda City is a little high, but the expenses can be avoided if the car is maintained well. The Honda City has its own maintenance issues. And it can lead to a bigger problem if the issues are avoided. 

Honda City Maintenance Issue and tips for maintenance of City:


Lubrication | Honda City Maintenance

The Honda City is the most popular sedan in the present time, and the problems start when the car crosses 50000 km, you start to hear abnormal noise from its suspension while tackling speed breakers and rough roads. 

Reason: It happens because of the accumulation of dust and insufficient lubrication

Honda City maintenance tip: 

The suspension of the City has to be clean and lubricated on regular basis. Proper physical inspection of lower arms, tying the rod ends, and carrying out the lubrication, the issue can be prevented. Say bye to the abnormal noises after following the Honda City maintenance tip.

Issue 2:

Engine Belt | Honda City Maintenance
Engine Belt

Hearing a high pitch slipping noise while turning the engine?

Reason: If you hear this sound, it’s because of the over-tightening of the engine belt, which adds an extra load on the pulley. The belt losses its elasticity over time and it causes a reduction in the slack. 

Solution: Check the belt slack by pressing your thumb against the belt, it should depress by 15-20 mm. 

 Issue 3

Steering Wheel
Steering Wheel

Disturbing noise is felt while turning the steering wheel.

Reason: This might be because of steering leakage components which turn dry because of lack of lubricants and accumulation of dust. Also, happens because of the absence of lubricants. Therefore, the moisture aids in rusting the components. It happens because of washing the car and letting it dry in sun. 

Solution: Use only good-quality lubricants that are mentioned in the car manual shared by the Hyundai company. 

Basic Honda City Maintenance

1. Top up the engine oil:

It’s a good habit to add the same type and brand of engine oil that is already being used for your Honda City. Always add a little at a time, and wait for a few minutes to let the oil drain, and then remember to check the oil level with a stick. If it’s not full add some more. Close the oil filler cap when you’re done, 

 2. Tyres

Check the car tyre pressure once a month. Invest in a tyre pressure gauge if you don’t own one, it’s worth every single penny you spend on it. Remember to check for the pressure levels of the tyre in the user manual. Hence, a small amount of investment can save you from a big bill. 

3. Regular Mechanical Service: 

For your safety, it’s recommended to get your car inspected at least once a year. Not a basic service check but take it to someone who can lift your car and check the major components such as the suspension, engine, brakes etc. This is because not all components, be inspected visually with the car on the ground. 

4. Exteriors of the car:

The exterior of the car is what people look at. Therefore, make sure to maintain the exteriors of the car. Any damage to the exteriors of the car can be prevented by taking some simple measures for example to prevent the grills and bumpers from any pebbles or insects don’t forget to use transparent tape. To make that the paint of the car remains, remember to polish the car at least two to three times a year. In a month wash your car properly five to six times to prevent it from accumulating any dust particles. Exteriors of the car can get you and your car a good impression if you maintain it properly. Therefore, maintaining the exteriors is important. 

Treat your car well and learn to maintain it properly. If you follow these Honda City i10 maintenance tips properly you will have a good-looking car that will be a pleasure to drive and when the time comes to sell, you will get a good price for it. 

These are the little things that matter, so pay special attention to your car. Giving importance to your car is important. These are the Honda City i10 maintenance tips.

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