Maruti Celerio Maintenance Tips Now Revealed

It was mentioned in our previous blogs about how maintaining your car is important. In today’s blog, we shall discuss the Maruti Celerio maintenance tips.  Proper maintenance of your car is the key to keeping it in top condition. It helps in ensuring your safety. And as well it ensures an extended life span of your car. 

Maruti Celerio maintenance services:

Maruti Suzuki offers free maintenance services for the first three years from the date of purchase. The service scheme states that the first service should be after 1.000 km, the second after 5,000 km. And the last one after 10,000 km. The service also includes free car check-ups and a car wash. 

It is recommended that you avail of these services offered by the car company. The service cost can cost up to 18,500 for 5 years. 

Maruti Celerio maintenance schedule: 



Maruti Celerio Self-Maintenance Tips:

1. Inspection and maintenance of Tyres:

Tyres | Maruti Celerio Maintenance

The Maruti Celerio comes with a tyre pressure of 32 PSI on all four tyres. Knowing how to maintain your car’s tyre pressure can prevent the tyre from any sort of tear-out. And also gives a good gas mileage. In our previous blogs, we had recommended all the car users to get a Tyre Inflators because it helps in finding out the pressure rate. 

A flat tyre can be dangerous to you and your car. Hence, the Maruti Celerio maintenance requires tyre inspection and maintenance. 

2. Change the Oil:

Oil Check
Oil Check

The best oil for Maruti Celerio is Synthetic Oil 5W30. The recommended oil increases the life of the engine and provides you with a better driving experience. Changing your car’s oil is essential. Therefore, you must change the car oil according to the user manual of Maruti Celerio. 

Moreover, you can change the oil by yourself or take it to a service centre. 

3. Change the engine air filter:

Air Filter | Maruti Celerio Maintenance
Air Filter

A dirty engine can be the passage for dirt and other particulates into the car’s engine. Replace the filter whenever needed. Have a filter inspection yearly once. 

4. Check the belts and hoses:

Keep your car’s belts and hoses in a good shape. It can help you avoid a breakdown on the road. If the Serpentine belt breaks, it will cause a lot of car systems to fail. 

Therefore, getting it checked will ensure that they’re in a good condition and don’t need replacing.

5. Get your brakes checked:


The brake pads of your car require proper inspection. However, if you listen to any brake noise if you feel some shuddering or vibrating from the brake pedal. It’s better to consult a service centre immediately. 

6. Test the Lights:

Lights | Maruti Celerio Maintenance

A burnt-out or a broken bulb is dangerous. Take your car to an expert and get the fuse replaced as soon as possible. In addition, headlights are key safety lights. Taking extra steps to improve their shine is a good idea. Cleaning the lens is considered to be a good habit. 

7. Regular Checkups:


Regular checkups are a must, easy routine checkups can be done at some but some require a technical engineer. In addition, take your car for regular checkups to maintain it properly. 

For your safety, it’s recommended to get your car inspected at least once a year. Not a basic service check but take it to someone who can lift your car and check the major components such as the suspension, engine, brakes, etc. This is because not all components, be inspected visually with the car on the ground. 

Treat your car well and learn to maintain it properly. If you follow these Maruti Celerio maintenance tips properly you will have a good-looking car that will be a pleasure to drive and when the time comes to sell, you will get a good price for it. 

These are the little things that matter, so pay special attention to your car. Therefore, giving importance to your car is important. 

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