Society has certain norms and values that all of them should abide by. It’s the same when it comes to cars, the cars have certain rules and regulations that should be followed duly, the rules and regulations of the car, are the combination of maintaining the car at its best. Hereby, let’s look at Nissan Micra Active Maintenance tips.

 Basic DIY Nissan Micra Active Maintenance tips:

1. Park the car in shade:

Parking the car in the shade is eventually the best medicine for the air coolant, because the direct sunlight may cause a few minute problems inefficiency of the air cool cabinet.

2. Using the AC every day:

Though we get in the car for a drive with AC on, make sure to switch on the AC of the car for at least 15 minutes to ensure smooth functioning of the AC vents for a long period of time 

3. Ventilate the car :

A good method to let out the hot air from the car and to ventilate the car is to switch the AC on, open all the windows and doors later the car is idle with AC off.  By letting the hot air go out which eventually makes things easier for traveling ensure that the recirculation mode is changed and all the windows are completely closed.

 Nissan Micra Active Maintenance tips:

1. Check the tires :

Tyre | Nissan Micra Active Maintenance

Tires are the main source of driving the car, Nissan Micra Active wears the tires of 155/80 R13 79T, the tires must be inflated with the proper pressure.  

It will become a problem if the car is overinflated or underinflated. Maintain the correct Wheel alignment periodically and replace the tires if there is a warning of worn out.

2. Wiper Check:


Including all the season, wipers play a vital role in keeping the windscreen neat and clean, when it’s dusty, by splashing some water on it and cleaning it up with the wiper will make the cleaning process easy, make sure the Wipers are settled in their places with proper conditions. To know whether the wiper is not in proper condition, check the wiper blades to see if it leaves any smudge or lines of water on the windscreen. If they leave, then that’s the last date for the old wipers to be replaced with new ones. In Addition to the wipers, it is important to top the wiper fluids, do not use the wipers to clean heavy dust on the windscreen.

3. Interior check :

Interior | Nissan Micra Active Maintenance

Keeping a note of the interior is main. Make sure the floor mats are neat and clean and if there is any water contact with the cabinet, immediately get a Nissan Micra Active service and let them know the issue as it requires experts and special tools. To avoid any water contact, a simple idea is to buy handy vacuum cleaners to clean the interiors 

4. Electric Check :

Check the electric pieces of the car, to check this, start by running all lights of the car together – the headlights (high and low beams ), brake lights and hazards, or the indicator lights, if you notice any changes in the light structure, for example, flickering or dim lights, definitely notify experts by having Nissan Micra Active service plan. It is advisable to replace the lights in monsoon and in winter, the lights will require heavy electric components at that time.

5. Battery Visibility :


However, Nissan Micra Active battery life is good, but it needs some care. To keep the battery on the car in good condition, check the acid fluid level of the battery every 6 months, if the battery electrolyte is low, top it up with distilled water. Change the battery of the car every 4 years to have smooth running.

6. Engine check :

Engine | Nissan Micra Active Maintenance

 Yes, the engine is the backbone for the car, therefore the engine of the car should be maintained properly with the proper manual condition. Check the engine oil at regular intervals. Moreover, the vehicle’s engine needs some oxygen, a considered airflow is important for the car to gain its originality, check the air filters and clean them if there is dust, if there is any leakage, notify the service experts.

7. Periodical Maintenance :

Although, cleaning at home is safe and neat, giving the car for car wash and interior cleaning is a must. Make sure to make appointments for the car service before taking a long drive. A healthy and maintenance car gives you an efficient fuel economy and will not trouble with high budget Problems. These are some of the Nissan Micra Active Maintenance tips, this will be a wide-open eye for people who are searching for the menial and best Nissan Micra Active Maintenance tips.

Hope you enjoyed the article.

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