Nissan X-Trail Maintenance- How To Take Care Of Your Nissan X-Trail

The new third-generation Nissan X-Trail has created quite the excitement before its launch. It comes with a 4-cylinder MR20DD engine with a displacement of 1995cc. This impressive engine produces a maximum power of 142BHP and a maximum torque of 200NM. With power steering, adequate ground clearance, and an imposing road presence, this could very well become the SUV to watch out for. Here are some Nissan X-Trail maintenance tips to help you maintain your car’s stock condition

1. Tire Care

Tyre Care | Nissan X-Trail Maintenance
Tyre Care

Tires are the most essential part of your car’s exterior. You should make sure that your tires have adequate air pressure inside them at all times. Every time you visit a petrol station for a fuel top-up, you should also get your tire pressure checked. In case it has fallen below the required limit, get your tires refilled immediately.

Moreover, regularly check your tires for any signs of damage or any sharp objects that might be stuck in them. When it comes to your wheels, you should check if all four of them are aligned. Regularly examine the wheels when your car is jacked. Unbalanced wheels can lead to steering vibration and might even prove to be fatal. Additionally, you should also note that the tires are fitted comfortably over the wheels. Any kind of slipping can be hazardous while driving.

2. Engine Care

Engine Care
Engine Care

The engine is a collection of several parts and can only work if all of them function properly. In order to ensure that continues to be the case, you should conduct regular checks and replacements. Examine your engine oil levels frequently to ensure that it has not fallen below the lower limit on your car’s dipstick. In case it has, gets a top-up immediately. There would be a lack of lubrication without engine oil which could cause an untimely breakdown. Therefore, it is best to maintain an appropriate engine oil level.

Secondly, you should inspect the air and fuel filters to see if they are clogged by contaminants. Clogged filters can affect your engine’s functioning. Refer to the owner’s manual to see the recommended schedule for changing these filters and your oil. If your engine oil is brown or milky, that is a good indicator that your car needs an oil and filter change. Also note that if the oil replacement indicator is displayed, change the engine oil and filter as soon as possible. After replacing the engine oil, reset the display. Nissan recommends the first oil change at the 15000 kilometers or 12-month mark. For more information on car filters and their uses, click here.

3. Battery Care

Battery Care | Nissan X-Trail Maintenance
Battery Care

Make sure to regularly clean your car’s battery. The chemical processes that keep your battery running also cause deposits to accumulate over the terminals. Dust and dirt can also affect your battery’s life. Habitually cleaning your battery can prevent untimely corrosion or short-circuiting. Disconnect your cables before you proceed with cleaning, starting with the negative terminal. A baking soda and water mixture can help you dissolve these deposits. Once you’re done, wait till the surface dries completely and start by reconnecting the positive terminal first. You can also use petroleum jelly to prevent corrosion.

4. Maintenance Schedule

It is of prime importance to stick to the maintenance schedule recommended by your manufacturer. Nissan recommends starting maintenance operations at the 12-month mark after purchasing your car or after driving 10000 kilometers, whichever comes first. From then on, you can proceed to have a Nissan X-Trail maintenance operation at intervals of one year or 10000 kilometers.

Engine oil and filter need to be changed at every interval. Nissan advises using recommended oil and an Eco filter or its equivalent only. The Air-conditioner filter should also be inspected and replaced at an interval of 24 months or 30000 kilometers.

It is also important to note that this schedule can change depending on weather and atmosphere conditions, driving habits, road surface, and vehicle usage. More frequent Nissan X-Trail maintenance may be required in some cases. For more information regarding Nissan X-Trail maintenance visit AutoFlipz.

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