Renault Duster Body Maintenance

The body of a car determines how the car looks and is a key factor in the health of the car. It is also expensive and you must learn to take good care of the body. In many reviews and in our dealings with customers. The most frequent complaint that we have received is that the Renault Duster has weak paintwork in its body. So rather than waiting for the paint to peel off and the rust to appear, as a part of Renault Duster maintenance, you need to identify the parts in the car that is most likely to peel off and give you trouble. The places are the edge of the hood, the edges of the doors, and the trunk lid. You need to paste a special film into these parts to avoid scratches and rust. One of the most reliable care for Renault Duster maintenance is the armored film.

1. Avoid water

A common complaint that we always hear is the moisture seeping through the joints between the roof and rear pillars in the trunk. It can easily be tackled by sealing the problem areas with a V-ribbed belt and sealant. It is advisable to seal the nozzles of the windshield washer as well so that water does not get under the hood when it is raining heavily. Otherwise, water will get inside the candle wells.

2. Fighting mud

After you buy a Renault Duster, do not forget to install seals on the hood cover to avoid the dirt that enters the engine compartment. In addition to the design’s drawbacks, there are also often thresholds that are not covered by doors. Because of this design, when landing, your pants are likely to get dirty.

Among the accessories of Renault Duster, look at the thresholds of “Clean pants”, which will surely solve this problem. Buying superfluous large mudguards, will not be a bad idea since the standard ones do little to protect the lower part of the car from dirt.

Renault Duster
Renault Duster

3. Keeping the resale value high.

We cannot stress the importance to keep your car in top condition if you want great resale value. Grime has chemicals that will eat away at things like your leather dashboard or vinyl seats, eventually leading to your car looking dirty and unkempt. There are many cheap products available in the market that ensure that your car looks clean and in great condition.

The interior is very important and giving it a lack of attention and cleanliness might cost you thousands of rupees when you are trying to resell your car. Or you might have to spend an extra amount to make your car look in top condition. We at AutoFlipz provide great car services.

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4. Fix Tears in Leather and Vinyl

In Renault Duster maintenance service, the upholstery charges are no joke. They always charge you quite an amount. But this can be easily done by a Diy Kit (vinyl and leather repair kit) from any auto store. It might not be an easy task, but once you get the hang of it, we assure you that you will definitely thank us. Start by gluing the backing fabric to the underside of the vinyl or torn leather. Then mix the heat-set filler that matches the color of your fabric and apply it to the tear. Then look for a textured mat that matches the texture of your vinyl or leather and place it over the liquid filler. Heat the mending tool with iron and press it onto the textured mat. Remove the patching tool, but leave the textured mat in place until the patch cools. Then remove it.

5. Lubricate Window Tracks

During winters, the water that seeps in through the window can create drag which might damage regulator cables, and repairing it can be expensive. To avoid this issue, lubricate the window tracks with a dry Teflon spray lubricant. Lower the window and squirt the spray directly into the front and rear window rails. Apply enough lubricant to drip all over the rail. Then operate the window through several opening and closing cycles to distribute the lubricant over the entire rail. Use glass detergent and a paper towel to remove any splashes that may get on the glass. For more information, read about learning how to take care of your car in winter is here: Winter Car Maintenance Tips for Surviving the Cold and Chilly Weather

6. Clean and Condition the Seats

The color of the leather or seats will no longer match that of the rest of the interior after a long time of use. Conditioning the leather will not do the trick. First, spray on a leather-based purifier and rub vigorously with a smooth terry fabric towel. To keep away from rubbing the dust returned into the seats, preserve flipping the fabric to reveal a sparkling surface. Let the seats dry for an hour after which rub in a leather-based conditioner like Lexol to preserve the leather-based supple. It’s to be had at car shops. Remember to paint chips with touch-up paint to avoid rust. 

Renault Duster maintenance should be followed up from the time you buy the car to avoid any kind of lag in the maintenance. In order to keep up and maintain the resale value, you need to follow the Renault Duster maintenance for better use and preservation of the car’s good qualities.

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