The Renault Kwid is one of the most popular entry-level hatchbacks amounting to a very good-looking and stylish car. It comes with more revised features, the newest color option, and improved safety features. In fact, the Renault Kwid is arguably the best-looking SUV-like styling, an excellent rugged exterior, and vibrant single and dual-tone color options making it an extra attractive package. Moreover, the one thing that made Renault Kwid preferred over any is its offering of dual airbags as standard across all variants. Furthermore, the updated 2021 model of Renault Kwid comes with the driver-side pyro tech and pretensioner as part of the update. Hence, it gets the benefits of both day and night IRVM as well. Besides, keeping the Renault Kwid in great shape is imperative to the longevity of the vehicle and sometimes even the owner as well. 

Basic Maintenance 

Purchasing the Renault Kwid is one of the biggest investments that you as an owner will make. However, if proper maintenance is given to the vehicle the investment would go in vain which ultimately will allow any unwanted vehicle problems which could become pretty expensive. Furthermore, good car maintenance will ensure the increase of safety on the road. This is the most basic amongst multiple options of Renault Kwid maintenance.

Not only this, the Renault Kwid needs regular services hence, proper attention should be ensured to the car. Also, following the regular schedule to maintain and servicing will keep the vehicle more efficient and running the way it should be. The performance of the Renault Kwid on the road also depends greatly on how much maintenance it’s got. Because if proper maintenance and servicing are not given to the car, the parts of the car will eventually wear down causing more underlying problems. 

Points to Remember 

1. If the problems in the Renault Kwid go unnoticed and unattended, the outcome could lead to an accident. 

2. Inspect the car regularly and any worn-out parts of the car or the abnormality in the engine should be replaced at the earliest to avoid unwanted disagreement. 3. Renault Kwid maintenance is a crucial aspect in keeping out of danger and ensuring the car is in tip-top shape. However, as great as owning a car is, it comes with some packages of responsibilities and one of them is keeping the car in good running condition. 

4. The act of maintaining the vehicle indicates the health of the car. As a result, the health of the Renault Kwid can also affect the way you drive the car. Therefore, keeping the car healthy can help you away from danger.

Maintenance tips for Renault Kwid 

Now that you are aware of the basic maintenance and the importance of maintaining your Renault Kwid, let’s look at some maintenance tips to help you properly maintain your absolute pride and happiness. 

1. Check the tyres regularly 

Maintenance tips for Renault Kwid

Tyres are the running machinery to your Renault Kwid as these are the only thing separating your car from the road. Hence, it is recommended to check the tyres regularly to ensure safety while driving on the roads. Moreover, this will keep the car in good condition. Therefore, regularly check the tyre pressure before moving out and if needed fill up, because in case something happens to the tyres, it could easily lead to an unaware accident. 

2. Check the engine oil 

If you are mindful of your car, you will acknowledge that inside your vehicle engine, there are different parts moving to enable the running of the car every time you drive. Hence, to ensure the proper functioning of the vehicle and to prevent major problems, the engine parts need to be lubricated. Therefore, make sure to check the engine oil level otherwise, if the engine runs dry it will cause internal damage to the vehicle. 

3. Wash regularly 

Maintenance tips for Renault Kwid

The vehicle is also like the body, it needs to be washed regularly while ensuring proper maintenance is given to the vehicle. Washing the car not only makes it look clean and better but also helps remove any dirt and road salt from the undercarriage and brake dust from the brake pads. Furthermore, it is advisable to give the car a regular wash or if this is not your lot, at least thrice a week. 

4. Check windows 

Windows are the exterior essential of the car that most people notice the best or the worst. Hence, make sure that you clean the windows as often as you can. Also, it is recommended to not just use the wiper blades to quickly brush off the dirt; as it won’t give the windows a full clean and it will wear out your wipers faster. In addition, the windows are a transparent part that is exposed directly to the outside world. Therefore, the windows can get very dirty quickly and without adequate cleaning, they will obstruct the vision and affect the way you drive. Maintaining the car windows attracts attention and gives you the confidence to drive in public.

Moreover, it helps to keep it in good working order but most importantly, through regular Renault Kwid maintenance; the owner can keep the vehicle in tip-top shape. 

Renault Kwid Maintenance Plan 

1. Replacement or repair of specific wear-and-tear parts. 

2. All maintenance replacement and repairs must be performed by a Renault-approved repair facility otherwise. 

3. To ensure the plan stays intact, service the vehicle as per Renault’s guidelines. 

AutoFlipz brings you the best Renault Kwid maintenance. The basic maintenance and the overall Renault Kwid maintenance tips. Follow up with the above-mentioned tips and experience the pleasure of the luxury and long lifespan of the Renault Kwid.



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