Renault Scala Maintenance Tips That You Must Know

Renault Scala is a 5 seater sedan that was popular in the Indian market. With a price of₹ 7.59 – 10.68 Lakh, it was offered in 13 variants and both in the manual and automatic transmission types. The Renault Scala provides a mileage of 15.8 kmpl to 21.64 kmpl. The Renault Scala maintenance is an easy task. There are some factors to keep in mind while using the car and we guarantee that you will definitely get the best out of your Renault Scala.

We have heard from experts that the Renault Scala maintenance cost is very high thus we recommend that you follow these tips to take the best care of your car for increasing the resale value and the life of your car.

Wheel cleaner for the Wheels

Wheels | Renault Scala Maintenance

When you drive your car down the road, dust accumulates in your tires and this can cause damage to the brake pads by wearing them off. Many make the mistake of using a car washing liquid to wash your car wheels. Do not make this mistake. You need to buy a wheel cleaner from the nearest auto store to ensure that the wheels be cleaned properly. Make sure that the wheel cleaning liquid that you buy is in the correct formulation. As the wheel cleaners cannot be used on all wheels. There are different wheel cleaners for both metal wheels and clear-coated wheels. They also come in variations that depend on your wheel and factors like aluminum, satin, or chrome finish.

Do not switch to a heavier grade of oil

Oil Check

We cannot stress how important it is to use the oil viscosity grade that is mentioned in the owner’s manual. For a Renault Scala, the recommended oil grade is 5W-30. This type of oil will produce the correct temperature range. Lesser grade od oils are recommended for cars that have smaller engines. The right type of engine will make it easier to start the engine and give you better gas mileage because of the less friction caused by the internal engine.

Maintenance of Car battery

Battery | Renault Scala Maintenance

A Healthy and good car battery is the secret o a long car life. Instead of running to the auto repair shop, for the slightest inconvenience, you can maintain the life and wellness of your car battery from home itself. Renault Scala maintenance requires you to check them frequently so that you can be better aware of its status of health. For a better Renault Scala maintenance of the battery follow the tips.

  1. Always keep your battery clean and wipe it with a damp rag and you can use mild detergent if the dirt persists. The dirt in the case of the battery can cause the battery to drain.
  2. After the next step, clean the battery terminals for that, follow the steps given below.
  3. Remove the cable with the black or minus sign and then loosen and take off the positive cable which is in red. A brass wire battery brush dipped in a paste made from a few tablespoons of baking soda and a little water can be used.
  4. Check for signs that a battery is weak and nearing its end. The usual telltale signs are- 
  • Damage
  • Cracks 
  • Irregular bulges

5. If corrosion has already occurred, reattach the cables, positive first, and grease the clamps and terminals.

Leaky radiators- sealing will do the trick

Every car owner knows that installing a new radiator is expensive and pricey. So try to cut on the price of a new radiator by sealing the leak by using a radiator sealer, such as Alumaseal. This is available in powder and liquid form. Circulating within the radiator, the product arrives at the hole, where it meets the air and fills the hole. This can be used to stop heater core leaks as well.

Don’t forget to flush the coolant-antifreeze


You need to flush the coolant-antifreeze from the cooling system as skipping this part in the Renault Scala Maintenance, will damage the radiator and result in the clogging of the heater core and finally will make the water pump and thermostat fail and break down. So always remember to flush it from your car, s it is said in your owner’s manual.

Broken lights can be taped

Lights | Renault Scala Maintenance

 Tape over the cracks of the tail light or the turn signal as if neglected will cause water to fill up and cause damage to the lights. The best way to deal with this is to tape over this with red or orange tape which is available in the auto parts store. 

Freeing when stuck in the mud

If your car is stuck in mud or snow, gently rock the car and try to free the car. Do not move the car aggressively as this can damage the car‘s internal parts. When you continuously throw your car from forward to reverse and spin the tires at high speeds, you generate lots of heat, which can harm your transmission, clutch, and differential. Calling a tow truck might be less expensive in the long run than risking costly repairs further down the road. And always keep traction aids in the trunk, such as sand, gravel, or cat litter.

Final word

These are the steps for the best Renault Scala Maintenance. If your car’s signs of damage persist, then head over to AutoFlipz for the best deals in car maintenance.

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