Running Out Of Fuel? Here is What You Should Do To Save Fuel

Fuel is the food of a vehicle. Although fuel prices are touching the sky we can save energy, maximize fuel efficiency and conserve fuel. Running out of fuel is a common nightmare. Here are few tips on what can be done to save fuel.

1. Avoid long idling  

Many a time people are noticed keeping their engine on for a long time when waiting for someone if they are on call or on a traffic signal. This can consume your fuel faster by resting the engine idle for long. 

2. Avoid overloading the trunk

We get a good average when the vehicle is lightly weighted which means the trunk is no loaded with unnecessary things. Avoid keeping non-required materials in the trunk such as tools. For every 200 pounds of unnecessary weight, one mile off fuel efficiency is cut.

3. Do not buy premium fuel

Avoid buying premium fuel unless required for the vehicle. Regular fuel is sufficient for vehicles if not mentioned in their guidelines to use premium fuel. Fuel costs could be cut by 10 percent if used as regular fuel.

4. Use air conditioning sparsely 

Use of air conditioner should be done if necessary. It makes engine exhaust quickly forcing more fuel to be used. The air conditioner drains fuel and engine power. Do not use a fan without turning AC. Use vent whenever possible.

Park your vehicles in shade which increases fuel life. The air conditioner will also be less affected as it will not use much energy to cool the interior. 

5. Aerodynamic vehicle

Wind drag reduces fuel average that makes engines make work harder and reduces fuel economy. You can avoid this by rolling up your windows so that air can pass through by not entering inside the vehicle. Wide-open windows increase aerodynamic drags. This is mostly seen at highway speeds.

6. Go for carpooling

Carpooling is mostly preferred when the majority of traffic is going to the same location. For example, if several employees from a company are going to the same location at that particular time then carpooling is a good option rather than driving separately. This reduces fuel usage on a large scale. We can manage it from a rideshare organization that helps carpoolers with different incentives like free parking, discounts, etc.

7. Avoid uphill speed

When riding upwards, the engine is already working hard to climb. Increasing speed can exhaust the engine and pressurize the gas by increasing fuel consumption.

8. Cruise controls on highway

Changing speed after every interval which is unnecessary is wasteful. Fuel economy can be geared by using cruise control at highway driving. 

These ways can help in saving fuel regularly. Monitor preventive measuring schedules and avoid aggressive driving such as accelerating and applying brakes when not needed. Smooth and safe driving is tank friendly!!!

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