Tata Motors is one of the greatest automobile industries, which allows any citizen to afford their cars. This company has given the best cars for the Indian roads, however, their exemplary Tata Aria which was on road from 2010 has grabbed the audience’s attention. The Tata Aria is an SUV that possesses extremely satisfying interiors and exteriors. Although it is refreshing to the eyes, it’s important to look after the car. Hence, now you will get to know more about Tata Aria Maintenance.

Tata Aria maintenance tips you need to know :

Engine Care :

Engine Care | Tata Aria Maintenance
Engine Care

Engine care is a very important step when it comes to Tata Aria maintenance, therefore let us look into the specification 

a) Oil: Engine oil is the utmost quality of the engine, therefore making sure the vehicle is on a flat level surface while parking. While starting the engine allows it to reach the normal operating temperature. most importantly if you see any dust in the dipstick, pull it out clean and re-insert it 

b) Engine Coolant level: The coolant of the engine will have levels. Which should be between F(MAX) and L(MIN) marks on the side of the coolant auxiliary tank, when the engine is cold. If you notice the coolant to be in L (MIN) then you have to notify Tata Aria service centers to bring it to F(MAX), but do not overfill without checking the brake fluid level.

c) Check the Fluid Levels:  The important fluids of the car are brakes, power steering, and washer fluid.

  • Brake fluid level should be full, later clean the area as it is not in contact with other substances. In case of spongy or hard brake efficiency please contact the nearest automobile service.
  • Washer fluid level contains a translucent fluid therefore do not use detergent or solvent to clean the windshield.
  • Power steering level should be between MAX and Min marks, if the fluid falls too low, please check the Tata Aria service manual and add the required fluid.

Battery care :


Care for the battery is the care for half of the tools in the car, Tata Aria maintenance for the battery is easy. Despite its easy way of maintaining, there are a few things that should be in mind. Check the corrosion on terminals in the battery. the terminals of the battery should always be dry, try not to have any contact with wet materials. Always remove the negative terminals in the first place and add them at last. Coat the terminals with jelly. You can use petroleum jelly to prevent the corrosion 

A small DIY for a battery car: you can remove it and clean it with 2 tablespoons of water and some baking soda, so the terminals have a bubble reaction, which neutralizes the acid level of the battery.

Exterior care :

Exterior | Tata Aria Maintenance

 Frequent cleaning of the car thoroughly is a great way of protecting the car from corrosion. Make sure the car does not have heavy dirt or mud especially on the underbody of the car. Inspect your car, to make sure the car is avoiding any damage such as deep dents or scratches. If you notice any damages, please do get repaired as soon as possible. Inspect the mud liners for the damages, also keep a note on draining all the holes of the car 

Interior Care :


Tata Aria’s interior is all about comfort and care for the owner of the car. Therefore make sure you prevent perfumes or cosmetic oils from any contact with the dashboard, if there is any contact please make sure you wipe it immediately. Clean the upholstery using the vacuum cleaner in regular intervals and also remove the dust or loose dirt from the car before you go for a drive. The floor mat of the car should be dry, as it can corrode the floor or may leave a musty smell 

Wiper Care :

Wiper | Tata Aria Maintenance

The blades of the wiper should always be perpendicular to the windshield. Remove the old wiper if it is smudging the windshield. Check the gap between the arm strip and the glass. Few other Tata Aria maintenance tricks :

  1. The engine being cranky, check the ignition and tighten the connections 
  2. Engine overheating, then check and replace the cooling fan fuse 
  3. If the fuse is blown in the circuit, replace the blown fuse and if there is a loose connection of the relay, connect and fix it tightly and firmly 

The readers would have gotten some knowledge about the Tata Aria maintenance.

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