Tata Manza is a very robust, luxurious, and comfortable car. Hence, the Tata Manza maintenance is comparatively low cost. The car has excellent control and an exterior look is imperative, with a good comfortable car spacious. Moreover, Tata Manza is a budget-friendly car that allows anyone to ensure the go-to statement for the purchase, offering the ultimate ride comfort to the driver and the passengers. The high-speed stability of the Tata Manza is rated good, the car offers a good with a slight amount of body roll if any passenger wishes to. However, it can not be noticed easily as the ground clearance is above 188mm. It has maximum leg space and boot space. Additionally, the boot space is also more than any other car of the same category. Tata Manza comes with a good quality engine, excellent brake system, and an inclusive of a high mileage low expenses. 

Maintenance tips : Tata Manza 

1. Check the engine coolant level 

Engine Coolant Level | Tata Manza Maintenance
Engine Coolant Level

It is always necessary to check the engine coolant level in your Tata Manza to make sure your vehicle is in good condition. Follow the steps below to check the engine coolant level in Tata Manza for better maintenance.

  • Firstly, make sure to keep the coolant level between F i.e maximum, and L i.e minimum. The mark is on the side of the coolant auxiliary tank. Then, check the coolant level when the engine is cool. 
  • If you notice the coolant level is low, it is recommended to bring the level to F i.e maximum. 
  • Always keep in mind to not overfill while checking the Brake Fluid Level. ● Moreover, It is not advisable to attempt to remove the radiator cap whilst the engine is still operating. 

2. Check the washer fluid level 

Washer Fluid Level
Washer Fluid Level

How to check the brake fluid level? Follows the below steps 

  • The Windshield washer fluid container purely consists of a translucent liquid. However, while checking the washer fluid level, make sure it does not contaminate the fluid with any debris. 
  • Be careful with what components you use to check the washer fluid. Keep in mind to not make use of iron. Otherwise, it will lead to corrosion. 
  • Furthermore, it is very common that many people to add detergent to the windshield while washing. Which is not healthy for the vehicle. Hence, it is recommended to not add solvent in the windshield washing water.

3. Check the battery 

Battery | Tata Manza Maintenance

The battery in the vehicle supplies power and allows its movement. 

The battery is the epicenter for the manufacturing of the vehicle. Furthermore, taking proper care of the car battery is a need and not want. Not only this, it is advisable to check the battery before and after driving for a long period of time. In many cases, the terminals are the primary element in the battery to largely corrode. Hence, always keep in mind to inspect your Tata Manza battery to ensure the good health of the battery. In order to keep the battery terminal safe and ensure the safety of the battery, always keep the terminal dry. Moreover, you can remove the corrosion by yourself or have them removed by a professional mechanic. 

4. Proper interior care 


The interior maintenance of the car easily reflects the stability of the owner. In fact, it depicts how clean and well-behaved one is. Therefore, taking proper care of the interior of the Tata Manza and maintaining it to the top of its best is a good sign of an ideal owner. Some pro tips on how to give proper interior care to your Tata Manza are as follows- 

  • The dashboard is the first object to the eye of a passenger. Hence, it is best to keep it clean and tidy and away from any unwanted items. Prevent basics like perfume and cosmetic oil from contacting the dashboard. In case, they do wipe them off immediately, otherwise. 
  • Use a soft or cotton cloth to remove the dust and loose dirt from the upholstery. Or, you can make use of vacuum cleaners, at regular intervals. 
  • If the carpet becomes wet, never keep it there for a long time, or else it can create a foul smell and corrode the floor of the vehicle. 

5. Check the vehicle tires 

Tyres | Tata Manza Maintenance

Tires are also the most important component of a vehicle. It enables the running of the vehicle. Hence, having good knowledge of how to maintain the car’s tire pressure can help reduce the wear and tear on the tires. Also, it will help you ensure if you are getting good gas mileage or not. Furthermore, checking the tire pressure also includes finding the recommended tire pressure of a vehicle and checking the PSI accordingly. Otherwise, keep alert in case of inflating or deflating the tires alternatively. Always make sure to inspect the car tire before moving out of the house. Check if the tires are in good condition or sometimes flat. Because, a flat tire is a hazard and can cause a sudden accident to the drivers, passengers, and to the car. 

Tata Manza Service Schedule 

Check the below table to know more about the Tata Manza Service Schedule

Tata Manza Service No. Kms/Month First Service 1000/1 Second Service 5000/6 Third Service 15000/12 Fourth Service 30000/24 Fifth Service 45000/36 Sixth Service 60000/48

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