Tata Motors Car Maintenance Tips- Here is All You Should Know

Just like your body, your car needs regular maintenance and care as well. If you own a vehicle of Tata Motors, car maintenance tips are here well sorted for you. In the coming sections, the car maintenance tips suggested by Tata Motors are well explained. 

General Car maintenance tips

When it comes to car maintenance, you are not expected to become a professional and dive deep into the workings of the car parts. You just need to know about the driving practices and a few things that can increase the life of your car parts. Do not confuse Tata Motors’ car maintenance tips with car repair tips. 

Here are some dos and Don’ts that can help keep your car in a good condition. 


  • While starting your car from the rest, always start in first gear and keep the AC and other accessories off. 
  • Also, keep the engine and fuel system in good condition. Along with this, keep your engine tuned especially for the anti-stall setting. 
  • Further, do not change to the higher gear suddenly at low speeds.  


  • Avoid adding detergent or any other solvent to the windshield washing water.
  • Further, it is important to avoid using high air pressure while cleaning the air cleaner element as it may puncture the filter. 
  • As the fuel caps are vented too, do not replace the fuel cap of a petrol vehicle with that of a diesel vehicle. 
  • Also, never force the wheel in lock position in extreme left or right alignment as it will damage the power steering pump. 
  • Be careful with the car battery and never reverse the connections. Further, this can damage some of the electric components and add unnecessary costs for car repairs. 
  • To keep your car in a good condition, avoid putting pressure on the top of the bonnet of your car. 

Some other general car care tips when the car is not in use:

These are some car care practices that can ensure that your car serves you with its best performance for a long time. 

  • Wherever you can, try to park the car in shaded and well-ventilated spaces.  
  • Also, it is important to check the battery strength every six weeks. 
  • Use wax to protect the painted parts and other available compounds in the market to protect the shiny parts of your vehicle.  
  • Further, get your car tires inflated 0.5 times more than the normal recommended pressure.  
  • Avoid covering the car with imperforated plastic. This does not let the moisture escape. 

Specific Tata Motors car maintenance tips

Engine care tips

Engine Care | Tata Motors Maintenance
Engine Care

The engine is like the heart of your car. The better its health, the better your car’s power. Here are a few maintenance tips to keep your engine in the best of health and your car on top of its performance. 

  1. How to check engine oil:
  • While your car is on a flat surface, start the engine to check the engine oil.
  • When your engine reaches normal operating temperature, pull the dipstick out, wipe it clean and re-insert it fully. The level should be between the two dots (high and low).  

Caution: Do not remove the radiator cap while the engine is on.

  1. How to check the brake fluid level:
  • On the fluid container, the brake and clutch fluid should be between MAX and MIN marks. Be careful while adding brake fluid. Clean the area well around the reservoir cap to save brake fluid from contamination.  
  • Also, in case of low brake efficiency, you may need some repair or maintenance services. 
  • Moreover, it is imperative to use only the recommended engine oil for top-notch performance.

Battery care tips

Battery Care
Battery Care
  • Keep the battery terminals coated with jelly, dry, and regularly check the battery terminals for corrosion. 
  • Also, be careful while dealing with batteries and always disconnect the negative terminal first and reconnect it last. 

Car Body care tips

Body Care | Tata Car maintenance
Body Care
  • Wash your car regularly to remove the dirt and mud that accumulate on it.  
  • Also, it is important to keep all the drain holes closed. 
  • Further, regularly check your Tata car for mud liner damages and paint damages. Any paint damage can accelerate corrosion. Moreover, we advise you to visit the car maintenance center and take care of the problem before it corrodes your car exterior. 
  • Inside the cabin of your car, do not let your dashboard come in contact with perfume or cosmetic oil. If you accidentally drop it on the dashboard, wipe it off immediately. 
  • Also, clean the upholstery using a vacuum cleaner regularly. 

Wiper care tips

For car wiper blades, Tata motors suggest that the wiper blade attack angle should be 90°. 

Car emergency service tips:

Emergency Service | Tata Car maintenance
Emergency Service

Problem 1:  Loose battery or bad electrical connection.

Sign: When you observe that the engine is not cranking.

Solution: Clean the battery, reconnect the circuit properly and check the ignition fuse. 

Problem 2: Air in the fuel system of your car.

Sign: Though engine cranks, it does not start.

Solution: it is important to remove the air. Bleeding is one such method. 

Problem 3: problem with engine fan working.

Sign: overheating of your car engine.

Solution: immediately check the cooling fan fuse or take your car for maintenance.

Problem 4: Fuse is blown in the circuit / lose connections.

Sign: problem with the working of electrical accessories such as power windows, headlamps, fuel and temperature gauge, RPM meter, wiper, and washer unit and all lamps.

Solution: tighten the connections. If your fuse is blown, replace it.

Your good driving habits

Drive Safe
Drive Safe

This is definitely one thing that will work long-term to help you maintain your car. The more gentle you are with the controls of your car, the more rewarding will it be for your car. Be gentle with steering, gears, clutch, accelerator, and brakes to get the best driving experience and best performance.

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Happy motoring from AutoFlipz!

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