Tata Punch Maintenance Tips To Help Keep Your Car Shiny And New

The Tata Punch is a recently launched car by Tata Motors in the sub-compact SUV segment. The car has been marketed as one of the safest cars in India- a claim that Tata Motors can make owing to the 5-star safety rating accorded to the Punch by Global NCAP. The Punch is a 5 seater car with a 3 cylinder engine that offers a displacement of 1199cc. Tata Punch offers a petrol engine that is available with manual as well as automatic transmission. Are you thinking of purchasing the Tata Punch this festive season? Or have you already brought it home? Either way, here are some Tata Punch maintenance tips for you to help keep your car in its best condition.

Engine Care

Engine | Tata Punch Maintenance

Check your engine oil levels regularly. Make sure your car is on a level surface when you do so. Allow your engine to start so that it reaches the normal operating temperature. Next, you need to pull the dipstick out, clean it and insert it fully into the oil chamber. Note the level of the oil on the stick. It should be somewhere between the ‘High’ and the “Low’ markings. If it has fallen below the lower limit, you should refill it immediately. Also, see that your engine oil is not brown and milky. If it happens to be so, change the oil and filter as soon as possible.

Secondly, you should also examine your coolant levels. It should be between the F(maximum) and L(minimum) marks that have been provided on the side of the coolant auxiliary tank. Moreover, you should only inspect it when the engine is cool. Never attempt to remove the radiator cap when the engine is working.

Thirdly, don’t forget to inspect the brake fluid levels. You need to make sure the vehicle is on level ground for this as well. The brake and clutch fluid shouldn’t fall below the lower marking on the fluid container. You should refill it in case it has fallen below that level. However, clean the area around the reservoir cap before you add the brake fluid. This will help in preventing brake fluid contamination.

Lastly, check the windshield washer fluid. Refill the fluid if necessary. But be careful to not add detergent or solvent to the washer fluid.

Battery Care


You need to check the battery for corrosion. To keep the terminals clean, you can wipe the area with a solution of baking soda and water. However, be sure to disconnect the battery before you do so. You can also avoid the deposition of chemical products by applying a layer of petroleum jelly around the terminals. Always disconnect the negative terminal first and reconnect with the positive one. Taking good care of your battery is a crucial part of Tata Punch maintenance.

Exterior Care

Exterior | Tata Punch Maintenance
Tata Punch Exterior

It is important to protect your vehicle’s exterior from corrosion as well. In order to avoid this, wash your car frequently and properly. There can be a considerable build-up of dirt and mud on the car’s underbody so it’s important to clean that area too. Examine your car for any deep scratches or damage to the paint. Letting them go unrepaired can speed up corrosion. Additionally, keep all drain holes cleaned and prevent any clogging.

Interior Care


Prevent any dirt and grime from collecting on the dashboard. Regularly wipe your interiors clean. Vacuum the upholstery and the carpet. Keep an air freshener inside the cabin to always keep the interior fresh. Do not allow spills and food stains to go unattended for too long.

Other Problems and How to Take Care of Them

If your engine is not cranking, you could be looking at a loose battery or electrical connection. Check the ignition fuse and keep your connections tight.

It is possible that your engine cranks but refuses to start. In this case, the air in the fuel system could be a probable cause. To correct this, you need to get the air removed by bleeding. It’s best to visit a technician for this.

If your engine overheats, it is possible that your engine fan is not working. If this happens, you should check the cooling fan base and replace it if necessary.

Another common problem that you could face is loose connectors or a blown fuse in the circuit. You could also have loose controllers in the base. This will manifest as issues with non-functional electrical accessories such as power windows, fuel and temperature gauge, RPM meter, wiper and washer, and all lamps. Replace the fuse or get the connections properly tightened to fix this issue.

Schedule for Tata Punch Maintenance

Besides these tips for Tata Punch maintenance, it is also necessary to stick to the maintenance schedule provided by your manufacturer. Usually, it is recommended to get your first major service after 12 months or 10000 kilometers of driving. You should proceed to get services at the same interval from then on. However, this can change with driving habits, driving conditions, and the environment. Regular servicing is a must to keep your car running. For more information on the Tata Punch service, visit AutoFlipz.

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