The Tata Zest is an automobile produced by India’s most expensive vehicle manufacturing cooperation, Tata Motors. The Tata Motor’s sedan Tata Zest is a go-to budget car with not pricey Tata Zest maintenance. Tata Zest is the company’s first-ever vehicle to sport an entirely new avatar. Solely, it is based on the company’s new “DesignNext, DriveNext, ConnectNext” belief. Furthermore, Tata Zest maintenance holds a good record of having an automatic transmission, making it the cheapest diesel automatic sedan in the country. Moreover, Tata Zest has disc brakes in the front and drum brakes in the back. Also, it covers ABS known as Anti Locking Braking System with EBD known as Electronic Brakeforce Distribution. Tata Zest comes with dual front airbags, seat belts with pretensioners and load limiters, an engine immobilizer, and an alarm system for safety. 


Tata Zest has been participating in various crash tests in order to improve its maintenance and reliability. As a result, in the NCAP crash tests held prior to the latest, the Tata Zest received a respectable 4-star rating. Again, two Zest models were crash-tested last year, one without airbags and one with two airbags. While testing, it was observed that the standard non-airbag variation received a one-star rating for adult occupant protection. Whilst, a zero-star rating for the kid occupant safety. Besides this, the model with two pre-tensioners and dual airbags performed exceptionally well. However, removing the seat belt is a good idea and it is recommended as well. Additionally, the Tata Zest sub-4-meter car received an excellent rating of 4 stars for adult occupants, credits to the driver’s seatbelt reminder. 

Maintenance Tips for Tata Zest 

1. Regular oil changes: Healthy Engine 

Oil Change

Oil is the basic in any vehicle, it ensures the smooth functioning of the vehicle as well. Hence, regular changing of the vehicle oil is very important to determine a healthy engine life. The role of the oil is to lubricate the engine, this enables the engine to perform well without any inconvenience. Furthermore, practicing oil changing routine-wise will keep you away from any troubles. Oil changing in your vehicle is one of the main concepts to keep in mind when learning how to maintain a car. Besides, driving miles to miles can make the engine oil extremely dirty, thus leading it to lose its lubricating qualities. As a result, this will cause the engine to wear faster, resulting in more problems. Therefore, in order to avoid any problems relating to this, it is advisable to change the engine oil regularly.

2. Change the Fluids: Extend Vehicle Life 

Fluid Change
Fluid Change

Have you ever wondered why some Tata Zest owners have the power of extending their vehicle’s life? What’s the secret to this? Change of fluids! The best way a Tata Zest owner can practice to extend the life of their vehicle is the change of fluids. Because, it is certain that the health of an engine cooling system, power steering, anti-lock braking, and an automatic transmission system all depend on the condition of the fluids. Furthermore, like those of the engine oil, other fluids in the vehicle also begin to lose their lubricating qualities over time. Therefore, it is recommended for all vehicles to replace the fluids at regular intervals. One can make use of a dipstick to check the fluid levels and fluid color before refilling. 

3. Proper Maintenance of Brakes 


The braking systems of the Tata Zest are designed as such to replace periodically to maintain the maximum braking efficiency. Hence, regular inspection and proper maintenance of the Tata Zest brakes are necessary. In case you notice any unusual problems with the brakes, take the car to have the brakes checked immediately. Otherwise, If the brakes fail, the accident may occur and lead to a serious crash. 

4. Be Aware of Warning Signs 

Warning Lights
Warning Lights

It is very common for any car to drain over time. Therefore as an owner, it is necessary for you to learn the basics about your car and the repairs that are needed for your vehicle. Not only this but if there is a need for any repair, make them repaired and replaced as early as possible. Because delaying a repair would trigger irreparable damage to the car and will cause a painfully more expensive fix. As a result, the maintenance of the car will deepen and the price will be higher. 

5. Ensure Windows and Doors are Functional 

Window and Door

The windows and doors are openings towards the interior of the Tata Zest. The doors allow entry whilst the windows work as a see-through for the passengers in the car. Therefore, make sure that all window glass and lights are clean and not broken. In case of any unknown, have them replaced as soon as possible. Moreover, ensure that the door does not produce any irritating or loud noise while closing the door. However, If in that case, have the doors repaired by the mechanics at the earliest otherwise, it may be fatal.

Tata Zest Maintenance and Service Schedule 

Tata Zest, the vehicle produced under Tata Motors, comes with a warranty and multiple free services on offer. Besides, one can go for an extended warranty as well. However, an extended warranty is applicable for only a list of parts covered under the extended warranty policy. Moreover, apart from following scheduled maintenance diligently, one can also use premium quality fuel and engine oils for the smoother operation of the engine.

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