Top 10 Disturbing Engine Noise In a Car

“Aghhh that engine sounds it annoys me”, Quite regular at using this dialogue? Yes, most of us are. Welcome to the blog that solves any problem. Here we will help you with solving 99.9% problems that your car faces. We love cars, don’t we? We maintain the car as we maintain and look after each member of our family. The real problem that car faces is when our beautiful car starts making weird noises, which leaves us with an empty mind. You see we get pretty much clueless that time. Do you want to know the reasons and types of engine noise in our car makes and how to solve the issue? Definitely, that’s why you’re here. Trust this blog, it’ll help you solve all your problems within no time. Let’s start with it. 

Top 10 disturbing Engine noise in the car

Car Engine Noise

1. The Clicking Sound when we turn:

We love driving straight, we all do. But life isn’t straight always and the same goes while driving. It’s pretty sure that you’re going to have turns while driving a car. Experiencing noises while turning your car is a sign of danger! Yes, you’ve read it right!

 Initially, you hear low clicking noises which will increase with time and annoy you. Don’t be a lazy machine, be a run machine like Virat Kohli basically be active like Virat is on the cricket field. Be active when you hear these noises, it’s recommended that you take it to the nearest AutoFlipz station. Oh, wait! You don’t have to take it, just call and we will schedule a home visit to check your car. 

These annoying sounds occur because the failing CV Joints don’t understand the meaning? In simple words its Constant velocity joints on your front axle which you should replace. You’re safe if you get it replaced.

2. Groaning Yawn while turning

These yawning sounds happen because your car is sleepy like you and it needs rest. Ok, enough of our sarcasm. These sounds happen because of a failing power steering assembly. This will turn out to be a serious issue if you don’t pay attention to it. Better listen to this and get it repaired by visiting the AutoFlipz workshop. The sooner you get it checked, the amount you pay is less. 

3. Grinding noises

You might sometimes hear these grinding sounds when you shift the gears. This is one of the most common noises that all car users face. This noise is caused because of the Worn-out clutch or a clutch with bad turning. Get your car inspected when you face such an issue, it can get a little annoying if you don’t pay attention to it. 

4. Rattling Sounds

In traffic? Driving at a low speed? Do you hear the rattling sounds? If yes then you have Loosened Lug Nut. Hey, not you but your car’s hub nut. This might happen because you have loosened the nut while replacing the wheel in the recent past. 

We at AutoFlipz care about your wallet so we would recommend you to tighten the nut or look for a lug nut that might have gone bad. If the noises continue, hence we also recommend you to get the car at AutoFlipz. 

The most annoying engine noise in a car is…… 

5. Brake Squeal

These sounds are quite common but can be a curse to your ear because it annoys and rips your ears apart from your body. These annoying sounds occur due to the Worn-out brake pads. Just like you. Your car’s brake pads also have a life and you have to get them replaced at a point in time. You can get it from AutoFlipz at an affordable price and we provide home delivery services as well. We love it when our customers follow the covid norms hence we recommend you to check our website for the service costs. 

6. The Squealing under the hood

These sounds occur when your serpentine belt is worn out, the belt should be replaced immediately and you know where to go. The belt is an important part of driving the power from the source engine. Hence, get it replaced at AutoFlipz brooo.

7. Sounds from the exhaust

Cracked Exhaust muffler cause Rumbling sounds from the exhaust. Happens when there is a leak from the exhaust. The noise will grow with time if you don’t get it fixed at AutoFlipz. 

8. Squeal

Squeal sounds while turning happen because of Low Power steering Fluid. Check for the level of steering fluid in the reservoir. If it’s less visit AutoFlipz for further guidance. 

9. Popping sounds

These engine sounds are caused because of the clogged fuel filter. This will be fixed if you get your car serviced at the right intervals. 

10. Sounds from the engine compartment:

Occurs in the car engine because of incomplete fuel combustion. However, everything can be fixed by us at AutoFlipz. Get your car serviced at our place and we shall look into this issue. 

So, that it’s for the engine noise reasons, these are the common engine noise in a car that one faces. Looking after it in the next second can save you from expensive bills.

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