Tips to keep your car in a Healthy condition-Top 10

Today, we will talk about the tips to keep your car in a healthy condition. There are many things to do while keeping your car in healthy condition. You have to take care of your care as you taking care of yourself.

To avoid such repair costs day today. Here, are the tips to keep your car in a healthy condition.

  1. Engine oil

You have to check your engine oil on a daily routine. People suggest that one should change the oil every 10,000 kilometers. But most of the manufacturer said the average of the oil is last for 15,000 kilometers.

It is a essential part of your car, so if you want to run your car for long you have to keep checking your engine oil using dipstick test.

  1. Check brakes, belts and battery

These are the vital components of your car. When we drive a car at high speed it occurs brake problem. To avoid the problem you have to check the brake once every 3 months. Also, check your car’s battery. The car’s battery usually lasts for 1 and a half years, it also depends on the manufacture or the types of battery we use in our car. 

  1. Watch out for Heed warning

There is a warning light appears on the dashboard of your car. This is the sign that your car needs maintenance & it is a warning sign that your car is not in a healthy position.

  1. Best practice is to use reputed mechanics

Find out the right mechanics for your car, enquire from the people about the right mechanics. For e.g. you always go for the best mechanics which is better to deal with your car & avoid the mechanic you don’t hear about. Fixed your car mechanic that you don’t need to check every for your car’s maintenance. 

  1. Look after the car body

Your car not only looks good from the inside but also looks fabulous from outside also. Take care of the outer look of your car’s body. Ensures that there is no rust, dents on it.

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  1. Condition of your car’s Tyre

Condition of your car’s Tyre is essential to run on the road in flexibility. So you have to ensure that the Tyre is properly inflated. Due to damage in the Tyre, you can replace it before you run your car. The rotation of the car’s Tyre is a must in every 5000 kilometers.

  1. Check the fluids of your car

You have to check all the fluids components of your car such as Engine oil, Brake oil, Power steering fluid, Wiper washer fluid on regular basis.

  1. Emission control system

The most important thing that you need to check your car emission that how much your car polluted the environment or is eco-friendly. In most places, you may need to require the pollution control certificate of your vehicle.

  1. Window check & Head lights

Check your car windowpanes & headlights too. If they are working properly or not. During the rainy days, it could create a problem in the headlamp. Due to smooth driving during the night it is important to check the car headlight properly.

  1. The interior of the car

Last but not the least, the first thing always keep in mind to clean your car from inside. The smell inside your car is not appreciated by anyone, right? It keeps an impression when the car smells good from inside & healthy in the environment. So, keep your car in the best condition possible.

Do you follow all the tips to keep your car in healthy position?



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