Top 5 Car Maintenance Tips

Proper & regular Car Maintenance can reduce the probability of breakdown. Your car will be in great condition to support your journey. It can also help ensures your safety also the safety of your passengers. To maximize the life and performance of your vehicles it is important to remember the Car Maintenance costs, while not always cheap, can ultimately help you to avoid expensive repairs down the road.

Here is a list of items you should check depending on the time and season. Some of the parts of your vehicle should be checked regularly, and others only in the long run. Be sure that you follow your car maintenance service as given below:

The main components in a vehicle that are affected by time are:

1. Battery 

You may not know, but a car sitting quietly in a garage or at a parking lace consumes battery. You are definitely thinking that where its charge goes? 

Well, several components in car like infotainment system, the digital MID, all use the battery to save data loss.

A clock, distance to empty, digital ODO, all utilize battery when sitting idle.

Solution for a Sitting Battery 

  • It is recommended to take the car out for a drive of at least 10kms – 20kms once a week. This will be enough to get the battery sufficiently charged to let it sit idle for another week.
  • It is not recommended to remove the battery terminal at all. Yes! This will lead to data loss. 
  • Use the jumper cable to jumpstart your car. But if the car does not start without the jump starts, it is time to replace the battery.
2. Tyres

Tyres are degrading really fast. You will be thinking how does it possible? Well, for you to know that tyres are not completely sealed and there is gradual loss of air from them. They will be flat, if not taken care of.

Due to the low tyre pressure or flat tyre. Another problem the tyre faces are the cracks, that are developed on the surface and something on the tyre walls.

How to prevent tyre degradation?

  • For this, you have to drive a car at least 10km in a week. This will slow the process of air to seep out of the tyres. This will also reduce the chances of flat spots on the tyres.
  • If the car sits for more than a month, one should regularly check the tyre pressure, around 1-2 psi (Pound Per Square Inch) is lost when not using vehicle. Well, most of the car comes with low-pressure indicator. But still, if you are unsure of the pressure refer to the door sill of the drive side.
3. Brake 

A vehicle is meant to run and if not doing so, many moving parts degrade more when compared to the ones in running condition, brakes are one of them. With little or no use of the car cause the brake disc rotors to rust. This will lead to an annoying screening sound.

Solutions of Rusting Brake Rotors

Rusting because of moisture present in the atmosphere. Well, the rust is not harmful and will need a small drive to remove the top layer of that rust. If you experience an abnormal brake sound like metal-to-metal clanking, its time to go to the mechanic workshop.

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4. Fuel 

A fuel sitting in your fuel tank will rot when the car is not in use for months. The bad fuel can clog the injectors, the float and the jets in a carburettor.

 How to save fuel from degrading?

  • You should add fuel stabilizer if you plan to leave your car not driven for a really long time.
  • The second thing is to sort this problem is, pulling down the fuel tank, draining all the bad fuel and cleaning the tank. But for sure it will be more expensive than the fuel stabilizer.
5. Paint 

No one want to drive a car with poor or degraded paint, isn’t it? The small dust particle or dirt all act as abrasives and will surely damage the paint over time.

Even non-harmful thing like bird poo can harm the paint as it is acidic in nature. And if there is surfaces with paint chips, be ready for a long bill to cure rusting.

How to save your car paint?

  • One of the best things to save your car’s paint is the car cover. Isolate the car with cover and it will away from the direct contact with the atmosphere.
  • You can wash and wax the car before letting it sit unattended.
  • If you love your car, ceramic coating and PPF is also an option.

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