Top ways to clean interior of the car

Here are the Top ways to clean interior of the car. Cleaning Car is very important to maintain the car, but cleaning car from outside is not sufficient, its mandatory to clean the car from inside also which makes car not only good looking from out but also from inside.

Clean trash

Before starting to clean cars from tools, it’s important to clean the obvious trash in the trash box. Also check everywhere properly like, floor, seats, in the seat creaks. So that there is no dust or trash left. Keep out wrappers, bottles and toys which the vacuum cannot handle. So it’s important to remove it first before starting to clean the car.

Tackle floors mats

Pull the floor mat out from the vehicle and shake it and remove dust from it. This will make vacuuming easier. Scrub them with soap and hot water or a foaming carpet cleaner and allow them to air dry completely before putting them inside the car.

Vacuum the car 

It is important to vacuum the car and Vacuum both front and back seats, the floor and, if necessary, the trunk. Vacuum every area of the vehicle where we can get the nozzle, including  under the pedals and along the side door panels.

Wipe away grime 

After vacuuming the next way to clean the car is wiping dirt and sticky dust from a soft cloth. The best way to remove it is to spray a small amount of car specific cleaner over the console steering wheel and area. Also it should apply on windows and windshield of the car to clean sticky dust like bird dug, dried water and other sticky dirt.

Clean Cup Holder

Cup holders can harbor grime, spilled coffee, and dead hair and skin cells (yuck). Try using a cotton swab dipped in a little cleaning solution to reach those difficult areas. In some vehicles, the entire cup holder is removable for easier cleaning.

Wipe window

It’s important to keep the window clean to get a clean and good visual while driving. So while cleaning the window we should use a spray of solution to clean the window and while wiping the window we should use paper tissue or towel. And to make homemade cleaner the easiest way is to take one cup of water, two teaspoon of vinegar and one cup of alcohol and mix it and solution is good to go to use on the car. These are the Top ways to clean interior of the car.

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