Wagon R Maintenance Tips

A little effort here and there is what you need to maintain your Maruti Suzuki Wagon R. This blog will provide you with some Wagon R maintenance tips.
With a properly scheduled maintenance regime, it is ensured that the longevity of the car will increase. The owner’s instruction manual of the Maruti Suzuki Wagon R provides the user with clear instructions at timely intervals after which the car needs to be taken to the car service centre for the maintenance check. Hence it becomes easy to service your car. However, apart from the mandatory servicing, various Wagon R maintenance tips will help you in maintaining your car. Maruti Wagon R maintenance tips:

Here are the various tips that you can use to maintain your Wagon R:

1. Engine:

Engine | Wagon R Maintenance Tips
Wagon R Engine

The engine of the car is the heart of the vehicle. It’s important to maintain your car engine and keep it checked always. The smoothness and well-being of the mechanical parts of the engine depending on the engine oil you use. Therefore, the car should be checked and changed at regular intervals. If it’s not checked and changed regularly, then it may lead to friction between the different parts and it may lead to wear out. The manual that is provided with the car to the owner contains some lubricants that can be used. Along with that the oil pressure and fan belt should be examined. Hence, engine maintenance is important.

2. Odd sounds and vibrations:

Always make sure to make a note of any abnormal sounds coming from the car both when the car is at rest or whenever in motion if such abnormal sounds are found, they should be taken to the service centre. Hence, always remember to check for unnecessary sounds. 

3. Battery:


When the engine of the car is turned off, you should take a look at the battery of the car. The exterior part of the car battery must be checked for corrosion. If found corroded, mix baking soda with some warm water to clean it. Fill distilled water in the battery, so that it lasts longer.

4. Tyres:

Tyres | Wagon R Maintenance Tips

Car Tyres are important because their work is not just for balancing the car and making sure the car moves. The car can directly get affected by the condition of the car. The mileage of the car increases if the condition of the tyre is well-maintained. The wheel balance as well as the suspension of the car gets spoiled if the tyre pressure is abnormal. Therefore, whenever one visits the service centre the tyre condition should be checked. Therefore, tyre maintenance is important. 

5. Tyres and Wheel Alignment:

Please check the tyres and wheel alignment of your Maruti Suzuki Wagon R. The best time to get the work done is whenever you visit the gas station for refuelling. Wheel alignment is also mandatory since it provides a better grip on the road and improvement of the life of the tyres. Hence, checking the wheel alignment is important.

6. Exteriors of the car:

Wagon R exterior
Wagon R exterior

The exterior of the car is what people look at. Therefore, make sure to maintain the exteriors of the car. Any damage to the exteriors of the car can be prevented by taking some simple measures for example to prevent the grills and bumpers from any pebbles or insects don’t forget to use transparent tape. To make that the paint of the car remains, remember to polish the car at least two to three times a year. In a month wash your car properly five to six times to prevent it from accumulating any dust particles. Exteriors of the car can get you and your car a good impression if you maintain it properly. Therefore, maintaining the exteriors is important. 


  1. Remember to regularly check the headlights and interior lights of the car.
  2. Drive at a speed of 60 km -80km per hour.
  3. Use good engine oils and lubricants as mentioned in the owner’s manual.
  4. Never overweight the car.
  5. keep a regular tap on the car cooling system.
  6. It’s mandatory for one to check the gear oil and gear system.
  7. Keep the air conditioners temperature according to the outside humidity.
  8. Any incorrect shifts in the gear leads to excess oil consumption. Hence, it is important to shift the gears carefully.
  9. Good idea is to switch off the engine when the car is standing at the signal or in long traffic. 
  10. Use a cleanser and a scratch-free towel to clean glass surfaces.
  11. Please get your car service. 

One must always learn to maintain their car properly. Above are the steps and tips that one can easily follow to maintain the Maruti Suzuki Wagon R. These efforts will not only help you maintain your car but will also help in reducing the monthly garage bills. Remember, car maintenance is the most important after buying a car. Don’t forget to keep your car healthy and fit. Keeping your car well-maintained will give your car a longer life.

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