What To Do When The Car Gets Overheated

What To Do When The Car Gets Overheated? Overheating of cars occurs many times and this sometimes causes big issues like engine burn and sometimes the car can catch fire or explode. So there are 5 ways to stop overheating and things to do when the car gets overheated.

Off the A/C

A/C can become hot during overheating, so it’s mandatory to turn off the A/C during overheating of the car for at least 15 min. Till that window of the car should open so that the suffocation will not happen in the car. This can give the rest to the engine and battery and stop the engine from overheating, and then turn the dial towards heat mode. This process may feel discomfort but a few times discomfort may save a big and expensive disaster and this is how we can fight from overheating of the car. 

Keep The car safe place 

When the car overheats, the best way to solve this is  keep the car in a safe location and get out of it. At Least for 15 min keep the car empty and keep all the things on off mode like, A/C, radio, battery and engine. This will give the car time to refresh and cool from inside. Because sometimes when the car is running for many hours without any break or stoppage its engine gets overheated and this affects the car. Sometimes it occurs because of weather conditions. Also, if the car is in a hot temperature environment, more than 40C degrees the car may overheat and sometimes stop after a few hours. So it’s better to stop it when it feels that it is overheating.

Check and fill coolant

Coolant is something which cools the engine for the long duration, hence the chances of the car overheating falls down. So it’s necessary to take care of coolant and see whether the coolant receiver is clean or not, because a dirty receiver or pipe which transfers coolant to the engine will clog the receiver and pipe and this will become a disturbance between coolant engines. So it’s important to take care of all the things while filling the coolant.

Restart the engine

If the car isn’t being towed, now’s the time to carefully restart your engine and drive to the nearest auto repair shop. Keep an eye on the temperature gauge as we drive. If it rises again, pull over and let the system cool. This is what to do when the Car gets overheated.

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