When to Change the Tires of Your Car? – Complete Guide

It is a well-established fact that Wheels revolutionized human society. The big luxurious cars, fast engines, airplanes, and many other modes of transport are unimaginable without wheels. Despite being of such prominence, in cars, wheels or tires are the most neglected components. You may take care of your cars like one of your most prized possessions but it is very important to know when to change the tires of your car. If you do not know the answer to the question-‘When Should You Change the Tires of Your Car’ before coming to this page, that’s okay. 

Here is a complete guide on when you should change the Tires of your car. 

Things that impact the condition of your car tires

The tires bear the entire weight of the car and the weight of your expectations of an amazing driving experience too. There are several factors that contribute to the wear and tear of car tires. Even the best tires deteriorate in extreme conditions.

Age and environment

While tires do most of the traveling for us, it is important to know when to change them. If we talk about the use, it is recommended to stop using even the best tires after five years irrespective of the distance it has traveled. If you’re puzzled as to why the distance traveled or mileage is not important, there is a good explanation for that. The material of the tire- Rubber tends to become harder with age which may result in small cracks in the walls of the tires. So if you’re thinking of using an unused five-year-old tire, we advise you to stop because it can be dangerous.

The temperature where you live also plays an important role in determining the life of your car tires. Rubber is adversely affected in extreme temperatures. In extremely high temperatures, the tires can get overinflated which increases the chances of wear and tear. However, the medium temperatures are ideal for a long life to the tires of your car.  

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How is the condition of the road

The condition of the road is an important factor too. If the road is not smooth, it increases the friction between the tires and the road. This in turn leads to higher chances of causing more wear and tear to the tires of your car. 

Your habits

 How you drive and how you keep your car tires is also important. For the ones who like to drive really fast, the life of tires will be relatively shorter. Also, ignoring important factors such as optimum tire pressure is not very good for the life of your car tires.  

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When to change your car tires?

This is a really important question that many people don’t know the answer to. However, there is not one but a myriad of factors that can tell you when to change the tires of your car. 

Before that it is very important to mention that DO NOT use tires after a particular time- ideally five years irrespective of the distance that your car has scaled. Thank us later. 

 The factors that can help you decide if your tire’s shelf life is over are as follows:

Tread and lose grip

Most tires have clear tread patterns and these patterns are the prime markers of the wear and tear that the tires suffer on the road. The tread of tires is of vital importance for good grip and better traction on the road while driving. A tread indicator can help you to know if the wear and tear of the car are too much. However, in case of the absence of an in-built tread indicator, you can use a coin i.e. the ‘One Rupee test’. 

Step 1: Insert the coin in each of the treads to get a fair idea of the depth of the treads in each vehicle. 

Step 2: Then put the same coin in the tread of a new tire. 

If the difference is a lot, then you need to replace that tire. Also if the difference between the tread depth of the tires of the same car is more than half, then you need to immediately replace the tire with more depth. 

If this is not enough, there is a more accurate measurement too. According to CMVR (Central Motor Vehicle Rules) 1989, the Non-Skid Depth (Remaining Tread Depth) of a tire should not be less than 1.6mm. But this is not strictly enforced in India as in Europe. 

So you can definitely stick to the coin to check the health of your tires. 

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Irregular wear & tear 

 If you are driving on bad roads then you need to look out for the irregular patterns of wear and tear. Traveling on irregular roads may cause misalignment of some sort in the suspension geometry. Get your wheel alignment checked regularly if you travel on topsy-turvy roads. You can use the owner’s manual for a periodic checkup schedule or get your car tires checked after every 5000 km of journey. When you recognize irregular wear and tear patterns, lose grip of your car while traveling on road, or when you are traveling on bad roads and hilly areas, you need to check the tread. 

Irregularities in tires

First, we will talk about the damaged sidewall of a tire. Do not take this lightly. If you see a tear or even a puncture in the sidewall, immediately change your tire. The sidewall is the portion of the tire that supports the mass of the vehicle and driving with a damaged sidewall can result in tire bursts and further dangerous accidents. 

In addition to this, do not ignore a bulge, a blister, or any other irregularity. Such irregularities can result in a tire burst and subsequent mishaps on road. We advise you to immediately change the affected tire to be on a safer side.

Unusual vibrations

There can be many unfortunate reasons such as damaged shock absorber, unbalanced wheels, or problems with the rubber of a tire for unusual vibrations of a car tire while driving. It is very important to look into it immediately after noticing the problem. 

These are some conditions when you immediately need to change your car tires. If you are not facing these conditions, regular maintenance will be enough. To get the best car and tire maintenance services, download the AutoFlipz app. With AutoFlipz you get full transparency in the services you get and track your car online through the app. We value your time and offer free pick-up and drop-off services. 

Happy motoring from AutoFlipz!

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