Winter Car Maintenance Tips for Surviving the Cold and Chilly Weather

Winter is every car owner’s nightmare. The icy cold eats away at the paint of your car and creates that squeaky noise that you just hate. Here are winter car maintenance tips to keep your car in good condition over the cold season. We guarantee that by following the winter car maintenance tips from us, you will not only be saving a great deal of money that goes into maintenance but the overall health of your car. Read on below for the winter car maintenance tips that will benefit your car.

Check the Tire’s health

Tires are one of the important parts of a vehicle and they play a vital role in the maintenance of your car. The tires need constant maintenance to perform well especially in a crucial season like the winter. This is because the Air temperature can radically affect the pressure of the tire. During winters the cold makes the material contract.

The pressure of the tires gets low. This can result in poor driving performance. Your tires will get worn out soon. 

Leaving the engine idling

You cannot speak about winter car maintenance tips without the engine. During Winter, make sure that you don’t start the car right away, as soon as you step in. Due to the cold, the engine oil takes a bit of time to reach the parts. This time gap will allow the battery to run full diagnostics tests before driving and can save a considerable amount of energy and relieve your battery from stress.

Lubricate the Doors

The doors of your car are likely to get jammed and rough during the cold and icy weather. In such a situation, take some oil or lubricant from the nearest shop and apply it to the hinges and joints of your car. This will not only lubricate your car door but also protect it from the moisture that will form across the doors of your car and damage the paint.

Caring for the Battery

We always get asked how to maintain car batteries in queries regarding winter car maintenance tips. For a battery, the worst time to be alive is during the Chilly winters. The cold on the outside thickens the fluids inside the battery thereby preventing the normal working of the battery. To make sure that your battery is robust in health, remember to perform a volt test and if you see that is badly weak, try to get a new one instead of trying to make the old one work.

Heaters in Winter

When you go for long car drives seeing the snow in winter, you certainly do not want to get frozen to death inside your car. So make sure that the heaters are functioning properly and they can keep you warm enough to beat the chilliest of winters.

Lights for Safety

Winter Car Maintenance Tips

Winters are known for their fog and mist that floats over the driver’s view that can interfere with the driving. It is highly advised to make sure that the fog lamps, taillights work in a good condition and will not cause any problem in the midst of driving. Do not forget to check the flashers, turn signals, brake lights, and backup lights. Replace any dim lights very much in advance.

Check Your Wiper Blades

Wipers just like foglamps are detrimental to a drivers’ good vision while driving. They have to clean the glass and not miss any areas. Check if your wipers are in good condition and make sure to replace them if any problem ensues.

Fill up on antifreeze

This is a lesser mentioned, yet important one in the winter car maintenance tips. Like we had mentioned before, the engine is the most prone to any problem in winter. The chilly cold of the winter can freeze the water in the engine’s cooling system. Make sure that the water is topped up and in a good condition to work. Antifreeze does this job. remember that the coolant water must be changed every 2-3 years.

Park in the Garage

Winter Car Maintenance Tips

Under no circumstance, you should park your car in the streets in winter. The ice will fall on your car and it can damage the exterior of the car. The paint will get damaged and the car will look its shiny look. Park your car in the garage where it is safe and free from extreme weather conditions and make sure that you cover the car with a car cover and keep it neat.

Cover the car

Winter Car Maintenance Tips

If such a situation arises that you are forced to leave your car out in the open for a long time, use a car cover to protect it. The paint of the car will remain dry and protected from ice and moisture with a car cover specially designed for cold weather. This will decrease the wear caused by scraping ice and brushing snow off the vehicle.

Paint Protection

By applying a paint protection film to the car, one can protect it from dirt, gravel, and salt damage. These especially designed automotive films are thin and transparent, but still durable.

Go soft on the Ice Brush

We all have seen the ads for the ice scrapers and brushes by leading automobile companies and websites. what they do not tell you is that these are harmful to the paint on your car. If you must use scrapers or hard brushes, their bristles can scratch the paint and leave micro-abrasions. Use a brush with soft bristles or a snow removal broom that has a foam head.

Warm up the car to melt away the ice

It is common to see drivers splash their car and its windows in bucketfuls of water to clean it, but the temperature difference thus cause can crack your glass. The water that dripped onto the other parts of the car will refreeze and cause the next problem on which you are likely to slip. Ideally, your headlights should be able to melt ice without having to be treated.

Quick winter car maintenance tips

Car maintenance checklist 

Other than the above-said winter car maintenance tips, there are a few short pointers that will help you. The weather can be very unpredictable during the Winter season, so it is a good idea to keep a few emergency supplies in the trunk of your car in case of an emergency and start with something to protect you from the cold.

  • a winter coat
  • pair of socks 
  • scarf 
  • snow pants
  • gloves 

The Additional Supplies are:-

  • Flashlights 
  • Fresh batteries
  • A woolen blanket
  • Fully Charged power bank
  • Water Flask
  • Torch or Lantern
  • Protein Bars or Candy

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