Society is dynamic in nature, human sapiens evolve on a daily basis, from their culture to their absolute freedom ‘cars’. Cars have progressed a lot in terms of there features and car accessories, it is the coolest part of GenZ. In today’s modern world everyone wants a car for various purposes. It gives more pleasure for people to go for a long drive than binge-watching movies. This generation mostly wants to save money and travel with their favorite vehicle. This generation’s favorite form of transport is always a car, easy to drive and very comforting for hangouts. 

Now, people tend to like the car’s accessories more than the style of the car. Customer priorities have changed regarding the benefits that accessories provide for cars. The accessories play a vital role in changing the outlook and the interior look of the car. With groovy internet, visitors favor fantasy accessories, with fluorescent colors and very charming car gadgets. 

Some accessories which are absolutely promising, useful and the coolest are arriving in the market every day. The epic gadgets/accessories which are important for any type of car from sedan to hatchback cars, when it comes to my priorities a new car should have:

1. Smartphone charging plate : 

Smartphone Charging Plate
Smartphone Charging Plate

A metal or silicon plate in front of the dashboard will be easy for the driver to check the mobile while in traffic and also there will not be an annoyance of cable tangling with the gear system. It can also have some dim lights (any colors) so that it looks aesthetic. 

2. A car mount : 

Car Mount | Car Accessories
Car Mount

Not all of them have the space in their phones to download apps, it would be easier to have a car mount that has the navigation apps. It has to be flexible for the driver to use it, the car mount has to be designed for android and ios users, it should also come with elastics so that it expands according to the phone. 

3. A Bluetooth connected key : 

Bluetooth Connected Key
Bluetooth Connected Key

We often tend to lose our keys and will have panic attacks. This brings to the notice that the handy and useful gadget ‘keys’ has the provision to connect with mobile Bluetooth so that it will be easy for the owner of the car to find the keys without any tension. Trust me it works and it helps to find the keys!! A very nice, cute key with Bluetooth facilities, with easy accurate interactions will be my thing. 

4. A car Trash can : 

Car Trash Can | Car Accessories
Car Trash Can

OMG!! This is worth the money. We usually take cars for a long drive and we make stops for dinners, we have small things like chocolate wrappers, used tissues, which could be thrown into the dust bin, the dustbin can be waterproof which could be laid under the floor mat or could be hanging the handlebar. This can also be a great initiative to reduce littering on highways and also it can reduce accidents due to littering plastic items. This is a ‘go for’ item 

5. A car vacuum : 

Car Vacuum
Car Vacuum

It’s very hard to say we keep our cars clean on a daily basis because it is a huge process, interior cleaning is such work and it is boring, so to make the boring part of cleaning, fun, Vacuums which could be the best option, it can come in different sizes for kids and adults and with bright colors to it, so that it looks very stylish and attractive. This vacuum is to clean every nook and corner of the inner part of the car. It will be fun to use it when it has modes to control the speed of the vacuum. It has to be compact, reliable and it has to be easy to use. 

6. A diffuser with USB and speaker : 

A diffuser with USB and speaker
A diffuser with USB and speaker

MIRACLES….. Well, we all need air fresheners. It just massively changes the mood of any person, the fragrance in the car, cams one’s rough day, or even could light up someone’s good day. Any essential oil for that matter could heal a person’s day. A bag of dried flowers and dropping a few essential oils to it which could be kept in any place, it has to be handy. So that it wouldn’t be a disturbance for the driver. When it comes with the provision that USB is even more useful, everyone can use it to charge their phone from the place of the car. 

7. A steer wheeling desk : 

Steering Wheel Desk | Car Accessories
Steering Wheel Desk

I would do not prefer the car just for fun drives or work drives, it has to be a place to sit and think about the future, eat dinner with friends, having a connection with the car and also to write or sign documents, it is very essential to have steer wheel desk with a cup holder, pen holder, which is very useful for people to have food to eat, take a nap with a pillow. 


It’s not too late to think of installing these useful accessories in the car, it is useful and also cool enough to show off the car with friends, these amazing gadgets will already get the attention of society and as we all know the car is for our comfort, so these essential gadgets can be life-changing gadgets, who often drive car can relate to these gadgets. Think, Buy, Install and enjoy your drives.

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