10 benefits of buying an Electric vehicle in India right now!

Hello everyone! Today I’m talking about EV (Electric vehicle) motors that how much it is beneficial for us. There are many vehicles available in India like Petroleum vehicles, diesel vehicles & also CNG cars. 

Let’s take a look at how a new technology Electric vehicle is beneficial for us right now in India. Is it good to buy an EV? 

There are 10 benefits of EV car mentioned below that makes you buy one.

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  • EV vehicles are Eco-friendly it is the most important thing about an EV according to the situation there in India it plays a vital role in reducing Air pollution.


  • Low running cost. The running cost is much lower than the other vehicles like Diesel & Petroleum cars. It is an electric car which is charged by the electricity with the plug.


  • EV has no noise of its own. Again, it is pollution-free! No noise pollution. Because there is no engine under the hood, we don’t hear any noise from it.


  • No more fuel prices hikes! As we all know petrol prices are touch to rupees 100 in India right now. So, it’s a relief that we do not need to pay any petrol price at all as it is an EV.

  • Easy to drive. It is much easy to control a vehicle as an EV. It is a gear-less vehicle that you don’t need to operate a gear mechanism.


  • Convenient Charging at Home. As an EV, there is no need for petrol so, you don’t want to go to the fuel station. You simply charge your Vehicle at home. It takes 4-5 hours to get fully charged.

  • Comfortable cabin & more storage options. There is maximize storage in your car & a comfortable cabin is available. 


  • Low maintenance costs. The operational cost of Electric vehicle is much lower than conventional vehicles. It has a simple structure that can maintain easily.


  • Zero road Tax: Yes, you read it right! The state governments of Delhi, Maharashtra, Karnataka, Goa & Rajasthan receive zero tax on EV. 


  • EV is Future: We are looking forward to EV becoming a future in India. As it is free in nature. The electricity we use for many purposes & also to charge the vehicle is generated from fossil fuel. Hence, We slowly moving towards renewable resources. Therefore, EV is the future of India.

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EVs don’t rely on fossil fuels for power, they may not have certain components that ICE vehicles do. Mostly EV do not emit Carbon dioxide emission, which helps reduce air pollution.

In our country, a pollution-free environment is really challenging. The most air polluted city in India is Delhi, the huge no. of vehicles polluted the city. We should welcome this new technical EV in our home country. 

Even the Government of India welcomes this new EV to make our country Air pollution-free. It is much useful for us whether it is eco-friendly or low in maintenance cost. It plays a vital role in everyone’s life Isn’t it? 

EV is the future and we must get used to it in the present too. EV is a masterpiece of innovation in today’s world so, we should appreciate it.

These are the benefits of buying an EV. So, are you excited about buying this new technology car? 



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