10 Best Mileage Car in India

Mileage refers to the distance traveled by your car using one liter of fuel. Mileage is an important factor that we all are looking for in any car. You should always talk about the mileage whenever you decide to buy a new/pre-owned car. We are here to suggest some of the best mileage cars you should have a look at.

What is the mileage? 

It is a fuel efficiency i.e., how many miles it covers per liter of fuel.

There are many top mileage cars in India. Let’s take a look at the best mileage cars below: 

1. Renault KWID

Renault Kwid | Mileage Car
Renault Kwid

The small Renault KWID created quite a hype for itself when it was launched, considering it’s a crossover, SUV-like look. Similarly, the car not only delivers on the best mileage front along with good looks. Smart interiors with eye-catching interiors.

The KWID comes with safety features like seat belt airbags and a system and driver side airbags and a central locking system. Therefore, it never compromises its safety.

Mileage: 23 to 25.17 km per liter.

Engine: 796cc petrol engine.

Price: Rs. 2.83 lakhs to Rs.4.92 lakhs.

2. Maruti Alto 800

Alto 800
Alto 800

The Alto brand name has always been similar to “Best Mileage”. Since its launch in the early 2000s, the car has gained certain accolades to its name in the arena of fuel efficiency. A new stylish look has made Alto more appealing from the outside.

The 800 is an updated version of the K10 with better fuel efficiency.

Mileage: 24.70 km per liter

Engine: 796cc

Price: Rs. 2.88 lakhs to Rs. 4.09 lakhs

3. Maruti Suzuki BALENO

Maruti Baleno | Mileage Car
Maruti Baleno

The car, when launched, took the market by storm. In addition, with amazing design, a good engine, loaded features, it is considered to be one of the top mileage cars in India. Seamless performance with better drivability is one of the key features of the Maruti Suzuki Baleno. That’s most of the things you could have asked in a car.

Mileage: 23.87 km per liter

Engine: 1197cc

Price: Rs. 5.58 lakhs

4. Maruti Suzuki Swift

Maruti Swift
Maruti Swift

Maruti Suzuki Swift” is the most successful model from Maruti. The car has settled in the hearts & minds of Indian customers ever since it was launched in 2005.

It is popular in India and all over the world and after that, has won numerous awards and is considered one of the best mileage cars in a decade.

Mileage: 21km per liter

Engine: 1248 cc

Price: Rs. 5.14 to Rs. 7.97 lakhs

5. Honda Amaze

Honda Amaze | Mileage Car
Honda Amaze

The Honda Amaze since its launch in 2013 has proven out to be an outstanding seller for Honda and has seen a hike in the market. The new Amaze comes with all the trendy features such as a Sleek, stylish LED projector, handsome exteriors, and updates in terms of the body shell, interiors & safety features.

Mileage: 20 km per liter

Engine: 1199 cc

Price: Rs. 5.93 lakhs to Rs. 8.77lakhs

6. Maruti Suzuki CIAZ

Maruti Ciaz
Maruti Ciaz

Since it was launched in 2014, the car has delivered extraordinary performance, luxury, and practicality.

Due to its top mileage, the car delivers well and will never. For instance, the company also launched an SHVS (Smart Hybrid Vehicles by Suzuki) in 2015 making the car to mileage the charts. As a result, CIAZ is considered to be one of the best mileage cars out there.

Mileage: 20.73 kmpl

Engine: 1462 cc

Price: Rs. 9.31 lakhs to Rs. 11.09 lakhs.

7. Mahindra XUV300

Mahindra XUV300 | Mileage Car
Mahindra XUV300

Mahindra entered the compact SUV segment with the XUV300. The car has received several accolades from around the world for its amazing performance in 360-degree view, sleek style, and safety.

Mileage is the aspect where the car tool is the largest piece of cake at the party. Moreover, features like sunroof and cruise control with a 1.2-liter turbo petrol engine make it topping the charts in the mileage market.

Mileage: 17 kmpl

Engine: 1197 cc

Price: Rs. 8.3 lakhs to Rs. 12.69 lakhs

8. Hyundai Verna

Hyundai Verna
Hyundai Verna

Although Honda City & Hyundai Verna churn out almost the same Mileage, the Verna deserves a special mention. In other words, the Hyundai Verna’s CRDi diesel engine delivers quite well when it comes to fuel efficiency.

Hyundai is a car you should try because it’s worth it.

Mileage: 24 kmpl

Engine: 1582 cc

Price: Rs. 9.42 lakhs to Rs. 14.07 lakhs.

9. Tata Tiago NRG

Tata Tiago NRG | Mileage Car
Tata Tiago NRG

Tata is India’s one of the trustworthy brands. The NRG version of the Tata Tiago is the sporter version of Tata’s popular car.

The updated NRG version of the car was launched in September 2018. The diesel spec of the car was launched with the launch of the NRG spec car.

Mileage: 27 kmpl

Engine: 1047 cc

Price: Rs. 6.89 lakhs

10.Ford EcoSport

Ford Ecosport
Ford Ecosport

Ford compact SUV, EcoSport speaks of the efficiency that Ford promises. The compact SUV design & the 1.5-liter diesel engine bespoke performance & one of the top mileage.

Mileage: 23 kmpl

Engine: 1498 cc

Price: Rs. 8.54 lakhs to Rs. 11.58 lakhs.

So, these are the best mileage cars in India. 

Hurry up! & Have a new one for you & your family because these cars are worth it.

Are you ready to enjoy your driving?

These cars never let you feel any doubt about the choices you made. These are the most stylish, average-cost, good engine cars in India. You will have comfortable & safe driving.

The mileage of the car remains the most sought-after quality for Indian consumers. Fuel efficiency and mileage have already been controversial topics for many. While it does depend on the engine and its efficiency.

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