Must-Have Comfort and Convenience Car Features in India

There are many fabulous features that a car can include. People always buy a car after seeing solid features in it which makes their ride more comfortable & easy. Sometimes we tend to overlook those features which make our lives simpler in a subtle way. In 2021 car models these features are very commonly available. But you can get them in your car as well with easy installment procedures. AutoFlipz brings to you the must-have features for your car which will make your drive more comfortable and smooth.

Infotainment System with Android Auto and Apple Car-Play

The infotainment system is used as the sound system as well as the informative system of the car. This system is used to manage and use the hardware as well as software within the car. The system is not only used for entertainment purposes but also provides the parameters related to your car. It can show the GPS, the state of your car, its position. And likewise The system has Apple Car-Play & Android Auto. With the help of these you can connect your phone with them easily.

Steering Mounted Audio and Phone Controls

The steering mounted audio system is used to avoid any danger that interacts with your car while driving. Also, it is a must-have for all our music enthusiasts out there, for whom music is a therapy. It is the most convenient way to control the stereo while driving. It will take care of your car in the sense that you may not have to shift your focus; from driving every time you need to put on a different song. The audio & phone controls are put across to the steering. Sometimes radially, so that you can use them easily while driving. It is one of the most liked features by car enthusiasts! As what is a ride good for if you cannot put on mood music at your convenience, right?

Adjustable Steering

Another must-have feature in your car is to have an adjustable steering system. It is very important to have a reach-and-rake steering system in your car. It makes your life easier. Obviously, not all of us are built the same, and therefore why fit with the same rigid steering wheels? Car manufacturing companies have been integrating adjustable steering wheels since the need for them to shoot up. Now you can adjust it according to your comfort and height.

Multi-zone Climate Control

It is a temperature control system through which you can set the temperature of your car remotely. And it is basically one of the most popular features that you could find in top models of SUVs & sedans. It helps you to maintain different temperature zones in different portions of the front cabin. For instance, if you want to turn off the AC; but the driver does not want to, you both could enjoy comfort as per your personal requirement without clashing. If you have to put the AC off or not.

Adjustable Driver Seat with Lumbar Support

You must get tired from all day of working, and driving after a long day is just another challenge! But to make your ride more comfortable, lumbar support seats are available in the market. In the earlier times, it was talked about-when you put any support on a car seat; and you were cursed with some back illness. But these days Lumbar Support has become a necessity. It is really important to have an adjustable seat with Lumbar support. It is made to get relief from back pain. A type of pillow that is used on the chair; to make the chair adjustable & get relief from pain as well.

360-degree Parking Camera and Sensors

The 360-degree parking camera plays an important role in the safety of you and your car. Earlier, the parking sensors were frowned upon because of their flaws and poor quality. In today’s time, these sensors are in-built in the car and work to the utmost accuracy. The camera systems these days use a minimum of 4 cameras around the car. These cameras basically have sensors in them so the hassle of double wiring is reduced. It is the most important feature of any car that provides 360-degree safety. To read more, see ‘What are Parking Sensors’

Rear Defogger and Wiper

Suppose you are driving in the harsh winter, and it is almost impossible for you to drive your car; because of the fog that sits on the windscreen, no more ‘wipe and wipe’ with a spare cloth. In today’s time, we have defoggers that can be accessed from the air conditioning system only. However, a rear defogger is the need of the hour. We use this feature to Defog the rear windshield. The rear Defogger and wiper are used to clean the glass for more visibility; especially on rainy and violent winter days. It has become one of the important norms for a safe drive. Hence, it is necessary to have a rear Defogger.

Automatic Emergency Braking System

We know the deal with brakes and adrenaline. Sometimes when people are just unable to react to the situation and their car gets out of control; this feature might save lives. For starters, it is the system that regulates the disc of tyres with the stimuli in its surroundings. There is a proper algorithm that is maintained for different categories of cars while planning this kind of system. In simple terms, your car would stop (or apply brakes) on its own. As soon as your smart car fears that you are going to crash. If you install this system, no more worrying about close impact accidents, your car got it for you.

Auto-Dimming IRVM

The IRVM i.e Inside Rear View Mirror is used to see the vehicles behind the car. But why need an IRVM? We know that the car headlights are highly illuminating and at night it is almost blinding. To prevent ‘blinding’ and to promote an eye-comforting ride, these IRVM are installed. It is one of the features that increase visibility in ill-lit areas and after dusk. It also helps the driver to stay protected from those beams that could possibly become the worst enemy during a jolly drive.

Keyless Entry and Go

Remember when you forgot to lock your car in a hurry and you had to go all the way back just to key it? Well well, it is the 21st century and we are taking our motto from ‘work hard’ to ‘work smart’ and this smart feature is sure to make all of our lives easier in the ways you could realize at once. This is one of the great features to have on the car. It is a remote keyless entry system. We can lock & unlock the vehicle from a distance just by pressing a button. Needless to mention the blaring alarming system which will go off if your car is being accessed without unlocking it from the car keys.

These are some of the must-have features in your car in 2022. The times are changing and so is technology, stay tuned with us to get fresh updates for all things, everything automotive.

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