Accessories for Maruti Swift- All the Options for you to Customize your Car

The Maruti Suzuki Swift is a powerful vehicle that combines style with comfort and affordability. It’s sleek, sporty, dual-toned design with chrome accents is guaranteed to make heads turn. And with its impressive design comes an even more impressive mileage- all in all, a perfect purchase for those seeking a blend of comfort and adventure. You have to look no further than the cruise control and auto gear shift features that come with automatic climate control. It ensures that you take your world with you. But along with the striking set of characteristics, Maruti also offers a wide range of affordable accessories that you can add on to your car to optimize its performance and look. The following accessories for your Maruti Swift are available for purchase-

External Accessories for Maruti Swift

You can get a front grill chrome garnishing and bumper moulding in a contrasting color, along with a side moulding, to enhance the look of your car. Side and bumper mouldings are also available in chrome which would add to the sporty look of the car while also protecting your car from scratches and other forms of external damage. Fog lamps with chrome or colored housing can be added to the front profile to increase visibility in adverse climates. 

Fog Lamp | Accessories for Maruti Swift
Fog Lamp

 Moreover, accessories for Maruti Swift also include door visors which allow you to drive without the windows misting up if it rains outside. Window frames and chrome door options are also available to help you customize your car as you would like to. You can also add a rearview camera to the reverse parking sensors. Tail lamps garnish and rear bumper mouldings are also provided in attractive colors. Wheel covers and alloy wheels can also be purchased from Genuine Maruti Accessories.

Interior Accessories for Maruti Swift

The Maruti Swift is already a pretty comfortable car to drive in but you can optimize your driving experience; by adding a steering wheel and seat covers that increase the longevity of your interior; while also beautifying it with an attractive design. The steering wheel covers would help in providing a good grip while also being sweat-proof. It will come in handy during long city summers. Sporty-looking matting can also be purchased at a reasonable cost; which not only protects the floor from dust but also makes it easier to clean, especially during monsoon. 

You can get dual-toned, fashionable cushions for your passenger cabin which allow for a comfortable long drive experience. Power windows and remote central locking can be added to base variants to increase your convenience. Interior flocking kits that match your body color can be installed by the dealerships.

Steering Wheel Cover
Steering Wheel Cover

Along with these, you can also get refillable tissue boxes, gel air fresheners, window cleaners, collapsible trunk organizers, portable vacuum cleaners, window sunshades, cup holders as well as idols of gods and goddesses that can be fitted onto your dashboard as accessories for your Maruti Swift. These small items may not look like much. But they can greatly improve your day-to-day life by making it more convenient and keeping your car clean. Your drives would be more pleasurable hence uplifting your mood and making your day. 


Multimedia stereo systems that support a wide range of formats are available to customers. You can also add Bluetooth speakers, subwoofers, car amplifiers, and rear-seat entertainment for passengers. You can play your music while you drive to work or listen to your favorite audiobook. If you have children riding in the car with you, appropriate programs can be played for them on the rearview entertainment console to keep them engaged and make their drives a nice experience as well. 

Music System | Accessories for Maruti Swift
Music System

Other Add-Ons

Wonderfully enough, a lot of car accessories are available to us today that would cater to our particular needs. If you drive around with your pet frequently, you can get special pet hairbrushes and specialized seats; to ensure your car stays spick and span. If you have a baby or a toddler, you can purchase specific car seats; to cozily secure them in their seats so that you can drive in peace. In case you happen to travel around with a lot of luggage; you can attach special car hooks to hang your baggage from. If you happen to travel long distances in the heat then it would be advisable; to get a mini cooler to ensure you always have a cool drink on standby. 

All in all, your car is a space that you spend a lot of time in. It is in your best interest to optimize your experience driving in it and make sure that it is apt to your needs. A lot of these accessories for Maruti Swift can be bought at your dealership or from Genuine Maruti Accessories. But others targeted for specific needs can be found and purchased off of E-marketing sites. Maruti Swift accessories kits are also available to get a bunch of add-ons together at subsidized rates. Talk to your car dealer or contact the Maruti customer care service. To get a better idea about what products can best help you make your daily drives; a fun event to look forward to while also being convenient and suitable for your needs. 

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