Connectivity changed the future of cars

Connectivity and technology affected the automobile industry. By 2017 there will be more IoT devices in use than mobile phones. Gartner, a global technology research firm, estimates that by 2020 there will be a whopping 50 billion IoT devices installed worldwide—many of them in our cars. 

Considering the 280 hours per year the average American spends behind the wheel, there’s real pressure to make that time productive, or at least entertaining. This is turning your car into an intensely personalized and customized extension of yourself.

 Let’s take an example of ford, which is the fastest growing automobile company in connectivity and technology. Connectivity is the heart of the automobile industry now. Time and tech are now so evolved that they can use phone not only for hand free call, entertainment , climate checking and navigation but also can unlock or lock the vehicle, start the vehicle and checking fuel level from smartphone and its Synchronization or SYNC method.

 For example there are cars like Mercedes which give the same features and their models have connectivity features. 

According to this data the usage of smartphones will increase to 3.6 billion in 2020. And the reason is coronavirus and pandemic which increased the usage of smartphones. 

In this data it  clearly shows that USA and UK are the top smartphone user country. So, this is how they are growing in the automobile industry so fast.

 And their cars also have well connectivity features which give well connectivity to their car with smartphones. Mercedes, Ford, and BMW are well known for connectivity.

There are many benefits of connectivity in the car which makes the car more advanced and user friendly:
  1. User Friendly : In the automobile industry it’s important to have car user friendly and giving comfort. Connectivity made this happen by providing many features like cars starting to entertainment with the help of smartphone and bluetooth and sync options. Soon, the car will be driven from your mobile and smartphone by giving commands from the mobile which will solve the driving issue.
  2. Safety: This is a big concern that the vehicle is safe or not. But from connectivity, this is solved by having a lock on your smartphones. This feature will lock the vehicle from your mobile. 

But everything has its disadvantages also and the disadvantages of running car on connectivity is:

  1. Difficult to use: it is very difficult to use and understand car features. It’s a disadvantage which every machine has.
  2. Unsafe to use: It’s very unsafe to use the connective and online vehicle. It can lose control at anytime. Smartphone hacking can lead to manipulation. As a result, it would be much easier for the third parties to operate.

Hence, connectivity made the car and automobile future on its top and given the platform which everyone can imagine only. And soon every car and vehicle will run from connectivity and online methods and make human life easy. 

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