Hollywood Actors and their Love for Cars- Brad Pitt and Leonardo DiCaprio

Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt happens to be one of the most recognizable and admired faces of Hollywood with a net worth of $300 million in 2021. In spite of this, Brad Pitt comes from a surprisingly humble background. He drove a limo when he began taking acting classes after moving to Los Angeles. Since then, one of his most passionate pastimes has been his much-loved collection of automobiles. He has a set of several cars, helicopters, and planes along with numerous motorcycles. Here is a look at some of the luxury cars sitting in the garage of the Mr. and Mrs. Smith star.

1. Aston Martin Vanquish Carbon Edition

Brad Pitt the famous Hollywood actor has been known to have a passion for Aston Martins ever since he saw Sean Connery drive a DB5 in Goldfinger. The dashing black Vanquish Carbon Edition residing in Pitt’s garage had been a gift from his former wife Angelina Jolie in 2015. 

Brad Pitt’s Aston Martin comes with a 6.0L V12 5935 cc engine which can produce 567 bhp and 465 Nm of torque. It is mated to a six-speed automatic transmission gearbox. It can attain a top speed of 201 mph and can accelerate from 0 to 100 kmph in as short a time as 3.6 seconds, with a mileage of 8.0 kmpl. 

Aston Martin Vanquish Carbon Edition
Aston Martin Vanquish Carbon Edition

The car has a lightweight aluminium sub-frame suspension system with hollow castings. The damping system is adaptive with three modes – normal, sport, and track.

The car features the following :

  • darkened windows
  • headlight trims
  • bespoke alloys wheels
  • body panels and side strakes made out of carbon fibre (greatly increasing the overall strength of the outer structure)

The interiors of the car are spattered with lavish leather, Alcantara, and carbon fibre and are customizable. 

The car’s dimensions are 1246 mm X 1819 mm X 4408 mm. 

Some other features of the car include 

  • electrically heating seats
  • 13-speaker audio system producing up to 1000W
  • 6.5 inch LCD screen compatible with the iPod or the iPhone
  • Garmin satellite system

The car also comes with extensive safety features including 8 airbags, EBD with ABS and ESP.

The Aston Martin is available in 7 color variants, each having a different interior.

Brad Pitt’s Vanquish Edition is worth somewhere around $302,695 USD, which in India, has a base price of about ₹3.85 crores.

2. BMW Hydrogen 7

Brad Pitt’s environment-consciousness is quite well-known. The 7-series luxury sedan is a dual-fuel hydrogen-gasoline environment-friendly vehicle. This means it has a hydrogen fuel cell that can also be switched to gasoline.

BMW Hydrogen 7
BMW Hydrogen 7

When hydrogen-powered, the car burns hydrogen by internal combustion giving a cruising range of more than 125 miles.

The gasoline engine of Pitt’s model is a 6.0-litre Valvetronic that generates maximum power of 191 kW/260hp and peak torque 390 Nm at 4,300 rpm. It accelerates from 0 to 100 kmph in 9.5 seconds having a top speed of 230 kmph. The cruising range of the gasoline mode adds 300 miles to the hydrogen mode. However, the same of the hydrogen mode would have been higher had there been no gasoline storage.

Hydrogen-powered vehicles for everyday use in regular households are still a long way off due to lack of storage and distribution infrastructure, but brands like BMW, Honda, and others are doing a great job making use of fuel more environment-friendly. Brad Pitt’s BMW Hydrogen 7 comes at about $80,000 USD, and starts at ₹1.37 crore, going up to ₹2.46 crore in India.

Other than these, Hollywood star Brad Pitt has many other cars in his collection that include the Chevy Camaro SS (not released in India, estimated price: ₹50 lakh), Jeep Cherokee (₹75.15 lakh – ₹1.14 crore), Lexus LS 460 F Sport (₹1.19 crore – ₹2.22 crore), Chevy Tahoe, Audi Q7 (₹80 lakh, expected launch in India: November 2021) and the Tesla Model S (₹1.50 crore, expected launch in India: December 2021). 

Leonardo DiCaprio

Leonardo DiCaprio is one of Hollywood most versatile and talented actors. Under the fame and stardom lies also a humble and environment-conscious person. He works and campaigns ceaselessly toward global environmental awareness of climate change and the preservation of biodiversity. Hand-in-hand with this persona he also shares a great passion towards motorsports and automobiles. Here is a look at Leonardo DiCaprio, the Titanic star’s nature-friendly and sustainable collection.

1. Roadster Tesla

Roadster Tesla
Roadster Tesla

Worth around $200,000 USD (₹1.46 crore approx.), the Roadster Tesla our favorite Hollywood star Leo DiCaprio owns is one of the fastest cars in the entire world, and the fastest EV at the time he bought it. It can accelerate from 0-60 mph in only 1.9 seconds, with a top speed of more than 250 mph. It is an all-wheel drive and has a wheel torque of 10,000 Nm. The car comes with two electric motors to drive the four wheels – one at the front and one at the rear. 

An all-electric sports car, DiCaprio’s red Roadster is a 4-seater, featuring minimalist interior design, with a removable glass-panel roof, a large touchscreen that extends from the top of the dash all the way to the center console, but without Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, or Amazon Alexa compatibility.

The new version of Tesla’s Roadster, announced first in 2017, was supposed to debut in 2020. Elon Musk stated that it will come with a premium “SpaceX option” including rocket thrusters that allows the car to hover far above the ground. Although not unveiled yet, the next-gen Roadster Tesla is delayed till 2023.

2. Fisker Karma Hybrid

Fisker Karma Hybrid | Hollywood Actors and their Love for Cars- Brad Pitt and Leonardo DiCaprio
Fisker Karma Hybrid

Leo’s Fisker Karma is yet another environment-conscious hybrid. The car was purchased by the Hollywood actor in 2012. It is a plug-in with a cruising range of 50 miles, throughout which there is no petrol consumption. The nature-friendly unit is a 20-kWh, American-made lithium-ion battery pack. In tow with this is a 260-hp, GM-supplied four-cylinder, and inter-cooled DOHC 2.0-litre inline engine producing a peak torque of 260 hp and 260lb-ft engine. The transmission is a 1-speed direct drive.

The car can accelerate from 0-60 mph in 5.9 seconds and clock at a top speed of 125 mph. Its dimensions are 196.7-inch x 78.1-inch x 52.4-inches, with a 124.4-inch wheelbase.

Some of the car’s features include 22-inch cast-aluminum wheels, Brembo brakes, and aluminum suspension components along with a solar-cell roof, composite decklid, and plastic bumpers. 

In regard to the infotainment systems, it has a 10.2-inch screen. The designer of the car, Henrik Firker is another environmentalist. The car is designed in such a way that it is electrically driven at all times. The gasoline engine only powers the electrical one.

Its competitors include the Tesla Roadster and the Maserati GranSport among others.

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