Hyundai Creta Features, Price, and Specification 2021

The stylish, bold, powerful statement-making SUV is here! We all desire a car that defines style and magnificence by just its stationary mode. A car which when moves on the road makes the heads turn. Well, Hyundai Creta has fulfilled the wishes.

When we talk about popular SUVs, Hyundai Creta is one of the top names. It was launched in 2015 in the Indian markets. The new Creta is highly responsive, and powerful that which makes our drive a pure joy. 

The style of Creta is sporty, reflecting, and sensuous which gives us a fun-loving driving personality.


Hyundai Creta’s price starts at ₹ 11.29 Lakh and goes up to ₹ 20.96 Lakh. The price of the Petrol version for Creta ranges between ₹ 11.29 Lakh – ₹ 20.57 Lakh and the price of the Diesel version for Creta ranges between ₹ 12.58 Lakh – ₹ 20.96 Lakh. Creta mileage is about 17 to 21 km per liter.

Hyundai Creta
Hyundai Creta


Creta gives a mileage between 16.8 kmpl to 21.4 kmpl. moreover, the mileage depends upon the car variant as well as the condition in which the car is kept. A well-maintained car will always give good mileage. The automatic diesel variant gives a mileage of 18.5 kmpl. While the manual diesel variant of the car gives a mileage of 21.5 kmpl. Also, the automatic petrol variant of the car gives a mileage of 16.9 kmpl. Whereas, the manual petrol variant gives a mileage of 16.8 kmpl.


Creta has a maximum power of 115ps at 6,300 rpm and a maximum torque of 1.7 kg,m at 4500 rpm. Creta has a traction control mode, by regulating slip control for the right/left wheels while adjusting engine torque and gear shift patterns. Even when the roads are icy the Creta’s setting ensures optimal traction to keep you moving safely and securely. Creta has 7 speeds Dual Clutch Transmission, 6-speed manual transmissions.


Hyundai Creta is available in three variants based on the engine. In simpler terms, there are three different types of engines available for different Creta models. Engines play a vital role in car and model selection.

Firstly, we will talk about the 1.5L MPi petrol engine. Its configuration consists of 4 cylinders and 16 valves. Moreover, the engine gives a displacement of 1497 cc and a maximum power of 84.4 kW @ 6300 r/min.

Secondly, here comes the 1.4 L Kappa GDi petrol engine. Its configuration consists of 4 cylinders and 16 valves. Moreover, the engine gives a displacement of 1353 cc and a maximum power of 103 kW @ 6000 r/min.

Finally, comes the 1.5 L U2 CRDi DIESEL engine. Its configuration consists of 4 cylinders and 16 valves. Moreover, the engine gives a displacement of 1493 cc and a maximum power of 84.6 kW @ 4000 r/min.


Creta comes in different colors like

  • Galaxy Blue
  • Polar White
  • Typhoon Silver
  • Titan Grey
  • Phantom Black
  • Lava Orange
  • Red Mulberry,
  • and the dashing Deep Forest.  


The length, width, and dashing SUV style height of the car make it attractive. The following are the specification of the dimensions of the Hyundai Creta.

  • Length (mm)- 4,300
  • Width (mm)- 1,790
  • Height (mm) -1,620 (1,635)
  • Wheelbase (mm)- 2,610
  • Front Wheeltread (mm)- 1,571.5 / 1,559.5
  • Rear Wheeltread (mm)- 1,575.9 / 1,564.3


Aero sculpted front end, Halogen projection headlamps, LED MFR headlamps, and LED DRLs. Creta also has Front fog lamps (MRF), Cascading grille, Dark Chrome frilled. Discussing the sides of Creta it is sporty and modern, with 16” steel covers. The rear of Creta is also dynamic and muscular as in Twin tip exhaust, LED rear combination lamps, Rear spoiler, wiper, and a high mounted stop lamp.


Hyundai Creta Comfy Interior
Hyundai Creta Comfy Interiors

Creta is perfectly versatile in its way. Creta has a panoramic sunroof and Bose Premium sound system. It enhances the inside experience of the car. Imagine going on a scenic sight with the sunroof open, wind flowing through the hair, and your favorite music pleasing you! An enriching experience isn’t it.

Hyundai Creta Interior- Dashboard
Hyundai Creta Interior- Dashboard


Looks and interior should not be the only factors taken into consideration while buying a car. One should also take note and assess the safety features the car is equipped with. Because mishappenings come all of a sudden. One should be always prepared for such an unfortunate situation. And the best way to do so is to make sure your cabin has enough features to minimalize the effect.

  • Creta is the one car that helps you drive safer. It has dual front airbags and an anti-locking braking system and, Rear Disc brakes. These are a part of the standard system equipment package.  
  • Also, Creta has Rear Parking Sensors. The camera in it lets you see everything when backing up and if you get too closer then the sensors will trigger an alarm.
  • Further, Creta also provides us with 6 airbag systems. Moreover, the Hill Assist Control feature makes the drive on the hills easy.
  • In addition to this, Creta comes with Cruise control, electronic stability control, and Tire Pressure Monitoring systems.


Whether you are planning a solo trip or group trip Creta is perfectly suited for the job. Creta offers an abundance of space that makes it a lot easier. It provides us Bluetooth pairing, 8” display audio, auto, and manual temperature control. Creta always takes into consideration of ventilated front seats, electric parking brakes with auto hold, wireless charger, Rear AC vent, Manual rear door curtain.

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