Why Seat Belt is important to wear

As we know safety devices are very important in our day to day life and when it comes to driving a car depending upon Air Bags isn’t enough. In fact, if you depend totally upon the airbags then you can seriously injure yourself if you aren’t buckled up. Even improperly wearing the seat belt can put you and your loved ones in danger. Because being involved in a car accident can often lead to traumatic and frightening experiences for life. You might face medical bills, be unable to go to work, or lack physical movement. So, overall accidents can affect both physically and mentally.

People in India have become habitual to wear seat belts only because of the fear of challan/fine. In India, if you are not wearing seat belts then there is a fine of Rs.1000 as per section 194B (1) of the Motor Vehicle Amendment Act, 2019. But rear passengers need to wear a seatbelt properly as a seat belt is the only thing that holds them.

Importance of wearing a seat belt
How to put up seat belt

How to put up seat belt-

  • Position yourself properly,
  • Pull the seat belt strap across your body
  • Now, locate the seat belt buckle with your anther hand
  • Insert the seat belt and make sure you are fully secured.
  • Adjust the shoulder belt to your body and tighten ye belt at the hips.

Never place the shoulder belt under your arm and Never place the lap belt on the top of your belly.

Pregnant lady wearing seat belt | Importance of seat belt
Pregnant ladies should wear seat belt.
  1. It keeps you fit inside- it’s a myth people believing that seat belts can throw you out of the car but it isn’t true. It keeps you safe and secure in the car.
  2. Airbags are designed to keep you safe but only if they are used while wearing seat belts. If not wearing your seat belt then the force can throw you or injure you quite strongly.
  3. Protection of brain and spinal cord- if by chance you are about to hit your head with a car crash, it is likely that you will suffer a brain injury or minor concussion. And if this happens then brain injuries, spinal cord injuries might take a few weeks or months to recover. 
  4. Help you recover from bad drivers- Even though you are an experienced, disciplined, and mature driver you can still get hit by a bad driver. You must have confidence and seat belts on while driving.
  5. Even if you are pregnant make sure you wear a seat belt. Doctors recommend wearing it at all stages.

It is important to wear seat belts even if you are covering for the shortest distance. Kids are advised to sit at the back of the car with seat belts. With the new cars launching in the market with new facilities can detect if the driver is wearing seat belts or not.

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