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What is an Indian Auto Blog? Indian Auto Blog or Indian Auto Bloggers are generally associated with Automobile companies that are relatively aspiring the lifestyles and generating buzz of different existing Automobiles in India. It is the bloggers on social media platforms bringing into the spotlight the best and worst(if any) of the brands and companies competing in the market. No wonder, it is exclusively by virtue of the Indian Auto Bloggers community and their unrelenting relationships with the wide end of automobiles.

Certainly, people who are interested are able to make their automobile purchase decisions, under the influence of the Indian Auto blogs. Furthermore, Auto bloggers talk and write about the knowledge and authority over the topic and inculcate the views, reviews, and comments. It gives the newest updates held in a high opinion by their audiences online. There is no better platform to reach over a billion of genuine information than social media. Hence, Indian Auto Blog to the rescue. 

Top 10 Automotive Bloggers in India 

Let’s take a look at the ten top auto bloggers in India who are worth following for their transparent content and interest in the particular arena and honest reviews about different brands and utterly many more behind the scene. 

1. Indian Autos Blog : Shrawan Raja 

Indian Autos Blog | INDIAN AUTO BLOG
Indian Autos Blog

Shawan Raja began his website named Indian Autos Blog in the year 2008. The core idea of the website aims to spread awareness about the auto industry in India. Furthermore, the blog also features the new launches on its homepage on any occasion seeking the attention of the outsiders and ensuring them to know more about the automobiles. The Indian Autos Blog also gives genuine information about automobiles and reviews about the car. The website features a good conducting performance test & the features any auto owners looking for. 

2. India Car News: Vikas Yogi 

India Car News
India Car News

Vikas Yogi began his journey initially as a content contributor which ultimately led to a developed interest towards the automobile industry. As a result, he started his very own Automotive blog called India Car News. Yogis’ blog is not only limited to news but also brings news updates about the new car. In addition, his blogs also bring bike reviews and their comparisons. Moreover, the FAQs, scoops, and alternately buying suggestions. Hence, for these reasons and upholding the good reputation of the Bloggers in India his blog is one of the top auto influencers in India according to Comscore.

3. Autocar India 

Autocar India | INDIAN AUTO BLOG
Autocar India

Autocar India is also one of the top online communities for automobile lovers and enthusiasts. Not only this, Autocar India is committed towards bringing the latest automobile releases inclusive of the most comprehensive reviews. Moreover, they go to the end from luxury to economical. Then, ultimately bring the audience all the features of every motorbike or car in the Indian market. Additionally, they come with significant comparisons between the latest automobiles in the market. 

4. Turbo Xtreme : Karamjeet Singh 

Turbo Xtreme
Turbo Xtreme

The Turbo Xtreme is initiated by the very known Automobile vlogger in India, Karamjeet Singh. He owns some high-quality motorbikes like KTM, Hayabusa, and Harley. As a result, his love for hyper-ride and automobiles he is also known by multiple names in the automobiles industry. In his blog, he publishes videos on a daily basis and shares his Xtreme love for cars and bikes. 

5. Car Blog India : Rohit Khurana 

Car Blog India

Rohit Khurana works behind the scenes of the Car Blog India. In his blog, Khurana covers motorcycles and information about the latest car. Additionally, the blog rolls up with the reviews and news as well. However, with most people looking for the comparison between different cars and types, the Car Blog India covers the comparisons and features also. Furthermore, the Car Blog India is the fastest growing automobile industry and it is also among the top 3 automobile websites in India. 

6. RushLane: Sagar Patel 


The key element of Sagar Patel’s blog RushLane is to bring to the audience the honest and unfiltered reviews on his blog. Therefore, Most of the readers on the blog RushLane are investors, executives, and Automobiles fanatics. 

7. Modified Junction 

Modified Junction | Indian Auto Blog
Modified Junction

The Modified Junction is basically about the modification and design of automobiles. This blog relates to the DIY tips that anyone can practice keeping in mind the basic knowledge about the autos. However, the objective of the Modified Junction is to bring the simplest ideas practically to the spotlight. In addition, the Modified Junction is a stage of Hindi.

8. Motor Octane: Rachit Hirani 


The Motor Octane automobile blogger, Rachit Hirani has a love for cars that runs in the blood of his family. Not only this, the blogger’s family has been part of the automobile industry for decades now. It is authentic and can easily be said that automobiles are his favorite through his blogs. Furthermore, The Motor Octane blog is the one-stop blog for getting reviews, views, and news from the automobile industry. However, the blog mainly focuses on bike and car enthusiasts and brings ideas to a new purchase or looking to stay updated in the automobile industry. 873 

9. Wheels Guru – Shahnawaz Karim 

Wheels Guru | Indian Auto Blog
Wheels Guru

The Wheels Guru is an automotive website that gives updates on all the related information about the launches of two-wheelers and four-wheelers. Moreover, it brings about comparisons between different cars. 910. 

10. AutoFlipz 


The foremost aim of AutoFlipz is to share the content and bring genuine information to their audience so they can make decent decisions before purchasing a car. The AutoFlipz website has the basics to end blogs on Automotives for every automobile brand in the Indian Market.




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